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Recently I attended a lecture by a renowned speaker on sustainability. I was shocked to find the auditorium half full. My colleagues were disappointed they hadn’t known about the event – we worked in the sustainability field and thought we were tuned into what was going on. It turns out there is no ‘one source’ for educational classes, lectures and events on a specific topic.

For the last few years I had been the Executive Director of an organization that offered green building classes. We spent a lot of time and effort publicizing our program. We tried print advertising, but it was very expensive and not very effective. Our own website was great, but people only saw it if they were already looking for our class. SEO is a moving target and continuously sucked up marketing budget, and Google Adwords was so confusing that we were never really sure if our money was being well spent. I kept looking for a better solution.

When my daughter asked me to register her in a weekend SAT Prep class I experienced the same problem from the other side. Her specific requirements were that the class had to be a two-day class on a certain weekend, my requirement was that the class was reasonably priced. I searched through Google results, often combing through five or six pages on each site to find the schedule and price information. Inevitably, each search led to organizations with SAT classes that didn’t work. Clearly this is a problem. Not only is it hard to fill your classes, but it is equally hard to find classes that fit your needs.

Connect2Classes™ is the one place class providers can list their classes knowing people will find them; the place where potential students are looking for local and online classes. Our C2C Blog is all about local classes, interesting topics and learning something new.

I love taking classes. When I look through the class listings on our Find a Class page, I get completely sidetracked and picture myself in french cooking classes, or dream about learning to sail. I hope you find what you need, and get sidetracked into something you love.

Happy learning!

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