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Everybody who spends time on Connect2Classes is interested in learning something. They are actively browsing local classes in your home town. If you want to reach local learners, on any topic, Connect2Classes is the only website offering sponsorship opportunities targeted directly to education seekers.

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With over 600 learning categories, we can place your ad precisely to reach your target customer

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Connect2Classes is a continuing education Marketplace on track to reach over 25,000 monthly continuing education seeking users, your customers. By consistently ranking for the most continuing education key words, and highest average page rank versus other education sites, Connect2Classes is the home for your Sponsorship Ads. 

Our Customers

Artists, Cooks, Wine Lovers, Tech Junkies, Career Changers, Photographers, Filmmakers, Woodworkers, Potters, Glassblowers, Writers, Business Students, Entrepreneurs, Bakers, Web Designers, Graphic Artists, Musicians, World Travelers,Parents, Pet Lovers, Yoga Students, etc... We can't list them all, but if your customer has a desire to learn anything at all, we have their attention.

Pricing Options


Small Business

1 Sub-Category

  • You design or we design your ad
  • 3rd Spot placement on one sub-category
  • minimum 6 months

$50 / month


Best Value

2 Sub-Categories

  • You design or we design your ad
  • 3rd spot placement on up to 2 sub-categories
  • Banner ads on 3 emails to C2C audience
  • minimum 3 months

$100 / month


Far and Wide

5 Sub-Categories

  • You design or we design your ad
  • 3rd spot placement on up to 5 sub-categories
  • Banner ads on 5 emails to C2C audience.
  • One blog profile published 
  • minimum 3 months

$500 / month

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