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If you want to learn these things, Seattle is the place to be!

Seattle is the place to learn

Every city has something it is known for; Nashville has country music, Las Vegas has gambling, Los Angeles has theater. What about Seattle? We are known for many things: coffee, rain, grunge, and stunning natural environments. But, if you want to learn these six things, Seattle is the place to be.

Glass Blowing

Anybody who lives in Seattle knows that glassblowing is big here.  Thanks to artists like Dale Chihuly, glassblowing is something you can actually do on weekends.  Seattle has a number of studios for every level of artist or neophyte.

Seattleites are fortunate to have two of the most impressive Glass Museums in the world.  If you are interested in learning, you might want to get inspired by spending a day at either, or both.   With stunning exhibitions year round, Chihuly’s Garden and Glass and the Museum of Glass in Tacoma offer experiences you won’t find everywhere.  Especially interesting are the Glasshouse in the Chihuly Garden, and the largest Hot Shop in the world at the Museum of Glass.   You can even watch a live stream of the Hot Shop from home but don’t use this as an excuse to stay at home.

Studios to check out include:

  • Pilchuck Glass School As an educational leader in glass, Pilchuck thinks continuously about the future while acknowledging the importance of artistic practices within the glass art community today. Team-taught courses support cross-disciplinary exploration.
  • The Boro School The Boro School is Seattle’s Premier Flameworking School & Studio. They offer several styles of classes that will appeal to any kind of student, including Jewelry and Pipemaking.
  • Seattle Glassblowing Studio is an interactive and creative glassblowing studio which offers high quality, custom-made glass art products and provides an opportunity for all ages to experience, learn about, and enjoy the techniques of glassmaking.


Seattle, being home to major corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing, clearly puts us in a technological category.  These companies and many others have driven up the need for high-skilled labor, especially software developers.  Currently, Washington claims to have 25,000 unfilled jobs in this area.

Some areas of the city are dominated by technology; South Lake Union, Pioneer Square, Redmond and Kirkland.  Coffee shops, which are plentiful, feel more like the lounge of a nearby office park than a public watering hole.

Seattle was named #2 city in the U.S. for tech jobs, NerdWallet, July 7, 2014

So technology jobs are plentiful, but so are opportunities for learning:

  • The University of Washington, Seattle’s three Colleges and Bellevue College all have a menu of courses and certificate programs that you can choose from.
  • Independent organizations like Code Fellows guarantees their graduates jobs after completing their Development Accelerator Program.  Students can pursue JavaScript, Front-End development, Python, Ruby on Rails, or iOS development, whether starting from scratch in Foundations I or Bootcamp, or taking their experience to the professional level by applying straight into a Development Accelerator.
  • Ada Developers Academy is a nonprofit software development school in Seattle, Washington for women with no previous computer science education or professional coding experience. This program is tuition-free and supported by the tech community as well as public funding.
  • General Assembly offers on campus and online, full-time and part-time courses for those who need flexibility.


Seattle is bursting with entrepreneurial activities and educational opportunities.  From Startup Weekends to Meetups to free classes at some of the funky co-working spaces, there is an opportunity for everybody to join a group and participate.

The city’s Economic Development Office created Start Up Seattle to help budding entrepreneurs make connections and find opportunities and resources.  The City is even partnering with Seattle Public Schools, community organizations and the private sector to provide meaningful experiences in technology and entrepreneurship.

If you’re a woman and an entrepreneur, there are few better places to be in than Seattle. That’s according to a new study from personal finance site Nerd Wallet, who placed Seattle just behind San Francisco as the best place for women entrepreneurs.

Learning opportunities are vast:

  • Start Up Seattle Events
  • Greater Seattle Score –
  • North Seattle Community College
  • TiE Seattle is a non-profit, global community welcoming entrepreneurs from all over the world. They believe in the power of ideas to change the face of entrepreneurship and growing a business through our five pillars; mentoring, networking, education, incubating and funding. TiE was founded in 1992 by a group of successful entrepreneurs and is currently the world’s largest entrepreneurial organization out there. With programs like TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) and Mentor Match, they are reaching out and fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Film Making

Beaches, mountains, rain forests, lakes, rivers, city, country, Seattle can  just about anywhere.  We’ve been the backdrop for films portraying the Swiss Alps, Iraq, Florida and Manhattan. states that it is 30% cheaper to film in Seattle than Los Angeles. It only costs $25/day to film on the streets of Seattle and all permits are handled by the City of Seattle’s Office of Film + Music. Washington State even has a 30% cash back program.

The Seattle International Film Festival has been going strong for over 40 years.  Year round programming includes education in filming, screenwriting and animation, film nights and the Festival every year in May.

There are so many opportunities for learning the art of film making in Seattle.

  • Reel Grrls is a year-round media-training program for girls. Girls ages 9 – 21 learn production skills through hands-on workshops and classes taught by female media professionals and educators. Since 2001, over 1000 students have participated in Reel Grrls programs and Reel Grrls media have been honored in more than 90 film festivals globally.
  • Northwest Film Forum. Learn filmmaking by doing it! The Film Forum’s curriculum offers a complete education in nearly all aspects of filmmaking. Multi-session classes meet weekly and offer in-depth, hands-on experience with filmmaking tools, while one-day workshops offer both insightful lectures and practical techniques on current filmmaking topics.
  • Seattle Film Institute. Classes in specific subjects; a certificate in filmmaking, or choose a shorter certificate in a specific area of interest such as film production, documentary, or screenwriting.


Seattle takes #9 spot among best cities for boaters, Redfin, August 27, 2014

Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish, Lake Union and the Pacific Ocean; water is everywhere in this city and it is part of the lives of everyone who lives here, even if it is just crossing the many bridges on the way to work!  The first Saturday in May is the boating Opening Day Parade and festivities.  From this day, for as long as the weather allows, there will be boats on all the waterways of Seattle.

Sponsored by Seattle Yacht Club, Opening Day Parade has become the nation’s largest regional celebration of water, spring, and the opening of boating season. It is unique in the world and only rivalled by the Tuesday night Duck Dodge on Lake Union.   Every Tuesday you can watch or participate in a casual sailing race, but beware of the theme.  Racers dress in costumes such as pirates, togas and hula skirts.

So how do you get in on all the boating action?

A great place to start is the Seattle Parks and Recreation website.

  • The Seattle Rowing Center SRC’s culture is designed to develop athletes to their full capacity physically, technically, mentally, and socially. Most importantly, everyone who rows here should feel appropriately challenged and fully supported.
  • Seattle Sailing Club is the home of fun, affordable sailing on the Puget Sound. As one of the most active and vibrant ASA certification schools in the country, their experience teaching sailing is second to none.

Urban farming

In Seattle, nobody looks twice at a residential home with a chicken coop!  Growing and raising food in your backyard is no big deal.  The city allows urban chicken coops with up to with up to eight birds in residential neighborhoods.  Up to four bee hives are allowed outright.

Seattle Farms is a three-year project to use city land for commercial food production.  The goal is to address the need for more opportunities to grow and sell food in the city.  Experienced farmers can participate.

If you are looking for a community garden or farm stand, check out the P-Patch website created by the city of Seattle.

One of the greatest resources is Seattle Tilth which teaches people to grow food in a wide variety of classes, programs and community events. They are the trusted “go-to” source for organic gardening education in the region and have taught thousands of adults and children in hands-on educational programs.  With the popularity of urban livestock, their programs have become very popular since they literally wrote the book on farming in the city: Your Farm in the City.

Other resources for urban farming include

  • Urban Farm Schoolhouse formerly known as Seattle Urban Farm School, is dedicated to helping you grow your own food, no matter the size of your yard or balcony! You don’t have to have a “green thumb” to be successful in the garden.
  • Urban Farm Hub – Urban Farm Hub is a place for you to learn what’s going on in the Puget Sound region’s urban agriculture scene, pick up ideas for your own urban homesteading projects and find ways to connect with local programs with a farming bent.
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How I found time to learn something new

Time to learn something new

When I was 23 I worked for a software company in Vancouver.  We were a bunch of twenty somethings working in a fast-paced environment at a pretty exciting time.  The Macintosh had just come out, mobile phones were new and I was travelling 3 weeks out of 4.   We loved what we were doing so most us didn’t care about the long hours, days, and weeks.  We actually enjoyed working.  We enjoyed each other’s company and we made good money.

One day our boss scheduled a Time Management Consultant to come and speak to us.  We were all thinking, “Really, how can you get any more time out of us?”  Fifteen minutes into the day, the Consultant had me hooked when he asked, “What would you learn if you had time to do it?”  I’m not sure everybody had an immediate answer, but I did.  I had always wanted to fly.  So by the end of the day I was convinced I had the time to take flying lessons.  I enrolled within the week and had my license a year later.

What would you learn if you had the time?

The first thing I learned is that time does not come to you, you have to find it and grab it.  I was out of town 3 weeks out of 4, but still managed to do Ground School and fly the requisite hours to pass my exams the first time.  It probably took me three times as long as others to get my license, but that didn’t matter because I was flying in my spare time.

Learn something new this summer, you will be amazed at how great it feels.  Maybe you know exactly what you’d like to learn, maybe not.  Here are some steps to help you get there.

  • Think about the things you enjoy doing.  Is there something you wish you were better at?  Is there something you thought about at one time, but it has slipped away?  Is there something that would just make you really happy?
  • Ask yourself what is holding you back?  Is it time, money, fear or just that it wasn’t a priority up until now.
  • Do what the Time Management Consultant made me do.  Write down everything you do and estimate the length of time it takes you.  Decide whether every item on that list is more important than your goal.  Figure out how you can combine things, postpone things, or just plain drop some things.  I know I could drop a few hours of television every week.
  • Make a declaration!  I aimed to have my pilot’s license within a year and I did.  Not because it was easy, but because I had a plan to accomplish something I really wanted to do.

By the way, I don’t fly any more, but I have kept learning new things on a smaller level.  I take tennis lessons every year, I tried the fiddle, learned Photoshop and did an MBA.  Most recently I decided my dog needed to learn some things so we did that together – very satisfying!

I started an education marketplace called Connect2Classes because I worked for an organization that had difficulty publicizing their classes.  I had no idea the amazing range of classes offered by local schools and businesses.

If you want to take the plunge and learn something new this summer, here are some ideas.  Click on any of the links and you will find classes in all the categories below and more.

Cooking, foreign language, play an instrument, become a photographer, make a documentary, learn to dance, write your life story, learn to program, grow your own food, learn self-defense moves, mix fabulous drinks, relax with Tai Chi, or start your own business.  I could go on and on.  If you still need inspiration just browse through  You will feel like a kid in a candy store!

Dallas Jasper

CEO Connect2Classes


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Natural Networking: Professional friendships are more than linkedin contacts!

networking at classes

A healthy professional network is a great source of future employees, employers, partners, mentors, and friends. Many people cringe at the idea of “networking”. The thought of forced conversation at an industry event designed for networking is just about the least exciting thing I can think of. But I value my professional network and fabulous things I learn from them. So where can you meet people in a more natural way?

Continuing education classes are excellent places for finding like-minded colleagues. Depending on the length of the class, you may have many weeks together and that kind of time can lead to real relationships and professional opportunities.

I used to teach a 9 month certificate program. In one of the seasons, a graduate hired seven of his classmates at the end of the program. Because I was interested in facilitating a similar experience in my other classes I asked why he did that. He said, “I know them better than anybody I could interview, and I know what they have learned over the last few months.”

In this program we had a number of students from different backgrounds and in fields that were unrelated. One of the Architects in the class said that the best part of the program was to hear opinions and have conversations with classmates outside of his field. He felt that what he learned from his classmates would make him a better Architect. Six years later I am still connected to many of these students and they still get together regularly.

The people you know can have a significant impact on your career. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal says that up to 80 percent of jobs are never advertised, either online or anywhere else; they are given to people known to those looking to fill the position.

If you’re thinking that taking a class to meet people is a good idea, think about who you want to meet. Maybe you are interested in meeting people likely to be customers, or competitors; perhaps you are thinking about changing jobs in the future. In that case choose a class in the field you would like to be in. Choose a course that is likely to have people you want to have conversations with. That said, I bet that any course you take will have a whole array of interesting people and you will come out of it with some professional and personal friendships.

When you meet people in a natural, unforced way they are likely to become true friends, not just contacts in your database.

We recommend looking at these business classes, these technology classes, and these web development and design classes.

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Take a Business Class Even if You Don’t Want To

Start up classes

As a college student I was not the least bit interested in business as a degree or even a class, yet I have owned three businesses in my career. I had a law degree in mind until I took a gap year and, while backpacking around Europe, I decided I’d had enough school for the time being. The first job I got put me squarely in business and I’ve been there ever since.

Browse Business Classes 

Many people think that business classes are only important for people who intend to work in the business world, but I would like to point out that every career is part of the business world – everyone is either buying and selling products, or performing services for fees. Everybody needs to understand how the economy operates, how to invest and borrow intelligently, write compelling arguments (even if it is just to argue with AT&T about your bill), and understand technology. In fact, I think some business curriculum should be required in high school.

A couple of trends have been discussed a lot in the media recently:

  1. Today’s graduates will change careers many times in their professional life.
  2. A very high percentage of students think they will start their own business one day, and very few of them feel prepared to do so.

The thing that will consistently benefit each and every career is business skills. Here are some skills that are important to learn.

Accounting and Finance

Every business needs to make a profit to survive and the only way to keep track of expenses and revenue is proper accounting principles. Accounting procedures can help you make decisions about planning, organizing and allocating resources. Learning the principles of sound accounting can keep you out of trouble in terms of your own business, the government and even the law. Understanding basic accounting can make your yearly tax chore easier.

Marketing and Communications

If you own your own business, marketing is essential to your success. You may be the best at what you do, but if you can’t find customers you won’t make a dime. Marketing is a diverse subject. You can find classes on basic marketing, internet marketing, international marketing and even non-profit marketing. Regardless of whether you own your own business or not, communication skills are imperative. People who can make a clear argument have an easier time getting a raise, making a sale and generally getting what they want. Both written and spoken communication is important.


I would argue here that most college students are further ahead in technology than any business would ever need! Kids can do things on their phones we never imagined. However, learning how technology can be used in your career or business is a different thing. If you don’t have basic computer skills, get them. After that you should master software programs like Word and Excel and be able to use analytical tools to help you make good decisions. Once you are in your career of choice you may need to learn a project management program, a digital arts program, or something created specifically for your job.

Taking business classes at any time in your career is a great idea. Have a look at some of these classes.

Business Courses in Seattle: Leadership, negotiations, budgets, problem solving and more.

Accounting Courses in Seattle: Budgets, operational and financial management, Quickbooks, accounting for small business, and more.

Marketing Courses in Seattle: Fundraising, email marketing, social media, SEO, and more.

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New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t go it alone!

New Year's Resoultions

Can you guess what the most common New Year’s Resolutions are:  You are probably thinking of things like losing weight, getting fit, stopping smoking etc., and you are correct.  But, right up there with those three, are these two:  Getting a Better Education and Getting a Better Job.

Most people fail to make their resolutions a reality.  Going it alone is not always easy.  It turns out that taking a class can help you achieve your goals.

  • You can take cooking classes that will teach you to prepare healthy food, classes on nutrition and even growing your own food.
  • Of course you can take an exercise class to get better fit, but also dance classes, climbing, tennis, karate and many others.
  • Stop smoking – if this is on your list, please do everything in your power to succeed. Most hospitals offer smoking cessation classes.  Look into it and get the help you need.

Let’s talk about getting a better education.  Perhaps you can go back to school full-time, but that may not be possible at this point in your life.  No problem!  There are so many choices for part-time education these days: online, evening, weekend, short-term or even classes where you can make your own schedule.  If getting a better education is on your list, we think you will have many opportunities to be successful.

Now, that leads us to getting a better job.  If you are looking to enter a new field, you may need to upgrade your skills or learn something new altogether.  If you are hoping to change employers, but stay within your current career, taking a class shows you take initiative and want to move ahead.

Here are ten interesting choices for classes that can help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions.

Orthodontic Assistant Course

Course includes an overview of the orthodontic profession, including terminology, preventive and corrective treatments, charting, dental impression and study models, and device fitting of braces and arch wires.

Writing for Public Relations

Grasp the basics of PR, including press releases, press kits, pitch letters, and social media. Weekly assignments and guest lectures, taught by experienced PR professional.

Sustainability Leadership

This workshop introduces the EMERGE Leadership Model aimed at building individual, organization, and community leadership capacity in order to develop practical, integrated solutions and create a truly sustainable built environment.

Paralegal studies

This program is designed for the individual who wants to improve their legal knowledge and skills and for those who wish to enter or advance in the paralegal profession with a respected credential.

Gluten Free Italian Feast

Join in the feast as we work our way from a bubbly polenta appetizer, to quickie crisp pizzas and finish off with fragrant warm biscotti.

Dance Exercise

Get in shape, have fun, and lose weight at the same time with this moderately paced workout. You will use low impact aerobic dance moves, body toning with light weights, bands, and stretches to upbeat music.

Beginning Screenwriting

Is your dream to become a screenwriter? Do you brainstorm script ideas or start writing but do not know what to do next? This class is the perfect introduction to the fantastic world of writing a screenplay from the fundamentals of the story to the revision process.

4 Hour Heart Saver First Aid

A certification is given upon completion and will expire in 2 years. This is our preferred program, various businesses and industries use this program to meet OSHA, Federal, State and corporate safety requirements

Introduction to Flight

Always wanted to be a pilot? Take a flight with an experienced pilot and learn about different high demand, high paying jobs in aviation.

Fitness for Curvy Girls

Kick the New Year off right with this women-only beginners fitness course. Gain the confidence and physical tools you need to begin an exercise program.


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Five Reasons to Try Online Learning

Business Finance Classes

Have you tried any online learning?

I personally love a classroom full of people. Different objectives, personalities, and points of view make for an engaging learning experience. However, when I need to learn something fast and just want to get right to the point, I often choose an online class.Tweet: When I need to learn something fast and just want to get right to the point, I often choose an online class

Community colleges have been at the forefront of online learning and in today’s job market, taking online courses help workers remain competitive and maintain professional certifications without having to leave their jobs. It is equally important to note that not everyone has the self-discipline for online studies, so students need to determine if online learning is the right avenue for them.

A few benefits of online learning include:

• ONLINE CLASSES GIVE ACCESS TO A BROAD SPECTRUM OF CLASSES – Online courses give students the opportunity to choose from various schools, programs and courses that may not be available where they live. This is especially beneficial for those who live in rural areas, which typically offer limited course and program options for students.

• ONLINE CLASSES OFFER FLEXIBILITY – For a busy mom or a working student, taking online courses helps you manage your schedule more efficiently, giving you more time with your family or the time necessary to work a series of jobs to pay for your education. Online courses can be taken whenever and wherever there is a computer and access to the Internet. Because of the flexibility offered by online learning, not only undergraduate students, but also individuals who already have full-time jobs or other commitments are able to take supplementary course work.

• ONLINE CLASSES STILL ENCOURAGE GROUP PARTICIPATION – In an online setting, a student is marked present if the student has actually participated in the classroom discussion. This encourages students to interact, increasing the diversity of opinion as everyone, and not just one or two students, is given the opportunity to share their thoughts.

• ONLINE COURSES ARE BECOMING MORE COMMON AT MAJOR UNIVERSITIES – More and more schools and universities are starting to offer online education to students. This gives students additional options as far as online education programs and courses are concerned, and students will benefit from having the name of a well-known educational institution on their resume. Online classes are also a huge benefit for students who cannot commit the time necessary to attend a four-year University to start, as credit hours taken online (particularly at a community college) are often less expensive and can usually be used as transfer credits for students wanting to enter major universities.

• ONLINE COURSES IMPROVE YOUR TECH SKILLS – An indirect benefit of attending online classes is that you learn and develop technology skills. Additionally, college classes often use forums and discussion boards for class interaction. These programs mirror virtual team software and company intranet forums that are often used by businesses to enable communication among employees separated by distance. These real-world tools are useful in sharing ideas back-and-forth over time.

Whether you are a teacher getting your Master’s Degree online in the evenings while you teach during the day, a student with a long list of responsibilities, or you are taking courses online to maintain your certifications, getting an online education may be the solution for you. While it is important to weigh the pros and cons of an online class as it relates to your end goal, when it comes to convenience and flexibility, online might just fit the bill.

Search for a class in Seattle that meets yo needs.  Good luck!


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Starting a New Business? Need Some Help?

Thinking about starting a business

Are you thinking about starting a new business? You’ve got your idea in place and you’re ready to take the plunge. What next? Getting started is, as they say, the hardest part. There are numerous details that need to be carefully mapped out. Decisions must sometimes be made quickly and with confidence. At times, even the best ideas fall short due to lack of planning.

Find Small Business Classes

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit but maybe not all the business skills you need, have no fear — there’s a class for that! Any self-made millionaire will be the first to say, you don’t need an MBA from Harvard Business School to succeed. That’s very true. You do, however, need a basic understanding of how things work in today’s economic climate. The Seattle area has many resources for people who are looking to break into the small business market. This spirit of this community is very progressive – we all should be taking full advantage of the informative classes and workshops readily available to us.

For nearly 50 years SCORE has provided classes, workshops and mentoring, to people interested in starting a small business. Seattle has its own chapter of SCORE and they have become an instrumental resource to our community. We’re thrilled to feature Seattle SCORE’s class offerings here at C2C.

If you’ve decided to make the commitment to be a small business owner you’ll need a solid business plan. The ‘Building a Business Plan’ workshop is a full day packed with meaningful, interactive instruction. The instructors have more than 20 years of experience in creating innovative plans for success.

If you’re ready to take the leap, we applaud you! Taking a class can inspire your entrepreneurial spirit and boost your confidence. You’ll be put in touch with fellow entrepreneurs who are embarking on their dreams too! Being connected with people who are in a cycle of learning, just like you! Set your goals, reach for your dreams and fuel your passions.

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Five Classes to Improve Your Resume

Classes to Improve Your Resume

Is it time to spruce up your resume, learn a new skill, and get noticed at work?

Taking a professional development class looks great on your resume! Whether you’re currently employed or looking for a job, gaining knowledge through courses either online or in person is a great way to add to your skill set.

Forbes reports, Sixty-one percent of the hiring managers surveyed recommended taking a class during a period of unemployment.

“You never stop learning in your career, so the more technical competence you have, the better,” says Andy Teach, the author of From Graduation to Corporation: The Practical Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder One Rung at a Time.

We suggest taking any of the following five classes to improve your resume:

  • Technology is ever changing and can even be a little intimating to keep up with. But, it doesn’t have to be! There are a number of classes designed to keep you up to speed on what’s new in the tech world. From novice to expert, there are classes that are right for you. Spearhead a new marketing campaign at work or in your own business by learning how to effectively use social media to build a loyal customer base and gain exposure! Marketing classes can make you the idea person at work!
  • A writing class can help you achieve the edge in something simple like a well-crafted email or give you the confidence to put together that perfect cover letter and resume. Times are changing and the right communication is an important key component in helping you stand out, get noticed, and taken seriously!
  • Have you had challenges with relationships both personally and professionally? We’ve all been there! Taking a class in Relationship Building can make the all the difference in connecting with a difficult boss or even challenging interactions with your family members. Learn how to reach out and be heard!
  • Team Building classes are offered to help you create a successful supportive group of individuals to accomplish a common goal. There is an art to building a successful team. Learn the nuances of interpersonal relationships that inspire great work from your team. Learn problem solving skills and communication techniques for a triumphant group of like-minded individuals! Go team!
  • Have you been passed over for management positions at work? What if you did something about it? Leadership classes provide you with the ability to gain the respect of your peers and pique the interest of your superiors! Some of us are natural born leaders while most of us have to take that extra step to learn how to navigate the world of leadership. These kinds of skills translate into all areas in life. Go for it!


Be in control of your own destiny. Take a class to further your skills and confidence. Once you are in a cycle of learning you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t get started earlier! Why wait? Browse career advancement classes today!

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Six Reasons to Consider A Career in Web Development

become a web designer

“Everyone wants a website,” says Brandon Swift, co-founder of Santa-Barbara-based “As a web developer, you’ll never be short on work. I mean never!”

Websites have become a critical component for businesses to stay competitive. A company cannot simply utilize a generic online template if it wants to provide a custom, genuine experience for its consumers. This is why Swift says there will always be high demand for web developers who can design custom coded websites.

As a web developer you will create and maintain a business’ web site.  We developers are responsible for ensuring the website meets the users’ goals in terms of function, performance, navigation and design.

Important skills are: the ability to communicate effectively, set goals and timelines and work as a member of a team.  Most web developers have some creativity and understanding of design principles.

A good place to research web development as a career is

As promised, here are six reasons to consider web development:

Fast Growing Area

Employment of web developers is projected to grow 20% between now and 2022.  That is faster than the average for all occupations according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.    The demand for web developers is driven by the growing popularity of mobile devices and ecommerce.

Potential for Self Employment

Roughly 25% of web developers are self-employed.  There are some great perks to being self-employed.

  • No daily commute which is widely considered the least popular use of time.
  • Flexibility on hours, working condition and business location
  • Choosing the jobs that really interest you
  • Tax breaks for self-employment

Degree not Required

While some large companies require a degree in computer science, many web developers do not need a 4 year degree.  In fact, assembling the requisite skills from a number of courses and online resources is a popular way to learn.    Web developers are never done learning, according to Steven Collins, co-founder of New York City-based Webb Communications.  New scripts, widgets and designs are released daily so developers must stay up to date to remain relevant in the industry.

Diverse Skill Set

Web developers need to learn both programming and graphic design.  Creativity and technical ability are essential to web developers.  Since these activities use both sides of the brain, the creative and the analytical, it may keep the job fresh and exciting longer.

Job Satisfaction

Most web developers rate their job satisfaction very high.  In fact on almost 2000 people have rated their job as extremely satisfying.

Good Pay

The median annual salary for web developers is $62,500, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This is significantly higher than tan the average American salary of $44,321. Senior Web Developers can earn 6 figures in this market.

Here are some local courses that can lead you to a career in web development.  Click here or a complete list of web design classes in Seattle.