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As a C2C™ Class Provider, your classes are available 24/7 to anybody looking for the topics you offer. While your own website is your source for classes, there are many people who just don’t know about you, or might not think to look at your website. With C2C, people can browse classes at their leisure, read reviews, and compare classes that meet their needs.

Students appreciate:

  • Complete and professional listings
  • One page course information including current schedule and future classes
  • Very efficient search, sort and registration process
  • One button sharing
  • Ability to read and write reviews

We commonly find people registering for a class they had never thought of, just because they came across it while looking for something else. So let’s get your classes listed!

Once you are ready, we take over and make it all happen!

  • We import your data, make sure it looks perfect and even suggest ways to make your classes stand out.
  • When a student registers for one of your classes, we remit payment to you less our registration fee. Remember we’re not registering all your students, we’ll just be adding to the registrations you get on your own.
  • We share your class information by Email, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • We update your class information automatically so you don’t have to worry about it.

You pay nothing upfront.

List as many classes as you like for free – you only pay when we fill a seat in your class. No up-front fees, no cancellation fees.

Provider benefits

Connect2Classes is in partnership with Sound Publishing so all of the local community papers and websites are promoting your classes at the same time as we are. We routinely share your classes on facebook, emails, and in articles and stories published in local papers. We love a good story, so if you have anything to share, please let us know. Read our blog to see some of the articles we’ve had published.

Need help making your classes stand out? Read our WhitePaper – Attract-Attention-to-Your-Courses

Do you have more detailed questions about becoming a Connect2Classes Provider? See our FAQ, read comments from other Providers or reach out:

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FAQ for Course Providers

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