Seattle Central College Continuing Education

At SCCC we’ve designed our Professional Development continuing education courses to keep up with industry trends, adapt to changing community needs and to be tailored to fit your unique career goals, including:

  • Improving your skills so that you'll stay on the competitive edge of your profession
  • Advancing your career through our certificate programs
  • Discovering new career opportunities by expanding your knowledge & experience

In addition to our certificate programs, we offer focused training in Business & Management, Marketing & Communications, and Tech.

Industry Training

We work with local experts to deliver exceptional Industry Training to Washington's innovative businesses. Through our Corporate & Customized Training program, we partner with seasoned professionals to provide on-site, customized training for organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest. In collaboration with the world-renowned Institute of Brewing & Distilling, the Craft Distilling Institute offers the only Fundamentals of Distilling program in the US. We also work with local distilleries and other distilling and brewing industry experts to deliver a comprehensive, hands-on distilling program that meets the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Lifelong Learning

Want to learn how to paint? Need to fine-tune your French? Looking to build a new table for your back porch? We've got a continuing education class for that! Our fun, vibrant Lifelong Learning classes provide you with the opportunity to meet different people, discover a new passion or explore a new interest. Join us for one of our dynamic Art & Writing, Food & Home, Language & Travel, Personal Improvement or Wellness classes.

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