Beginning Jewelry Fabrication

Beginning Jewelry Fabrication

In this is Beginning Jewelry Fabrication class you will create:

  • One pendant or pin created with a sweat-soldering technique using copper and brass.
  • One sterling silver ring
  • One stone setting project, or setting the stone in the silver ring
  • Additional personal project if time allows.

In creating these projects you will learn:

  • Plate metal rolling, three-dimensional metal forming techniques
  • Soldering
  • Use of the jewelers saw, and metal files
  • General orientation of the use of the flex shaft, bits and burrs
  • Finish work such as machine polishing, use of the metal pickle and sonic cleaner.

NOTE: Listing price is for class deposit only – balance of $210 is due on first day of class. Please bring a check to your first class to complete the payment (total $415).




Once the student registers online, his or her deposit of 200$ is in most cases non-refundable.
Some exceptions are as follows: A student may be partially refunded if they come to a few classes and do not enjoy the experience, or in case of injury, or illness. Absence from classes is NOT a viable reason for the student to receive a refund. The school cannot be accountable for people's busy schedules. Student may be refunded in full at the very start of a session, only if another student is on the wait list to replace them immediately.

Metalworks SF

This is a wonderful place to experience the joy of hand fabrication, casting, and metalwork. We encourage a hands on, somatic approach to Jewelry making, which echoes a not so distant past of traditional craft. We are interested in creating crafts people who are familiar with the activity and process of the bench Jeweler. By being in this space, students will gain access to a tradition of creating wearable art, and the opportunity to stretch artistic boundaries of Jewelry craft. Our space is located in the heart of North Beach, and has a deep connection to the Artistic heart of San Francisco.

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