AMA’s Finance Workshop for Non-Financial Leaders


Get a complete financial education in just four days. . .and be prepared to make more powerful, informed business decisions. From understanding the essence of cash flow to learning how to create value on a corporate level, this comprehensive program covers all the principles of corporate finance.

Through the effective use of actual case studies and annual reports of major U.S. public companies, you’ll come away better equipped to speak and interact intelligently with finance colleagues…make more informed business decisions…analyze financial statements with new clarity…know the workings of the financial markets…and understand that the core purpose of your firm is to increase shareholder value.

How Will you Benefit?

  • Become grounded in all the principles of corporate finance
  • Reduce the risk of financial errors in managerial decision making
  • Learn how accounting and bookkeeping work
  • Discover the ins and outs of financial statements and what can and cannot be learned from them
  • Understand how budgeting fits into the world of accounting and the primacy of cash flow
  • Gain greater insight into all the principles of corporate finance, including interest and ROI
  • Find out how a firm allocates its funds to investment opportunities
  • Gain the skills that will help you make the right buy/lease decisions
  • Learn how to take advantage of cash discounts offered by vendors
  • Make more profitable sales by understanding fixed vs. variable costs
  • Monitor operating results to achieve long-term financial goals

What You Will Learn

  • Accounting essentials: booking transactions…cash and accrual methods…assets, liabilities and capital
  • Reading annual reports: reading and understanding financial statements…SEC requirements…forms and meanings of the Auditor’s Opinion…the importance of footnotes in financial statements
  • Seeing your firm from a finance perspective: the organization as an investment tool…classes of investors…WACC and EVA…the importance of cash and flow timing…leverage and risk
  • Evaluating financial statements: computing financial ratios to assess liquidity, profitibility, leverage and risk…the DuPont formula…merits and pitfalls of financial ratios
  • Operational budgeting: constructing and using budgets…avoiding pitfalls…budgeting techniques, variances and hierarchies
  • Time value of money: computing time value for money and applying the mathematics of compound interest and present value
  • Capital budgeting: preparing and using capital budgets…applying time value of money…using various mathematical techniques
  • How financial markets value a business: value models and financial concepts to enhance shareholder value
  • Cost analysis, profit planning and exposures to volume/price risks: categorizing costs to make better decisions…determining break-even levels of quantity, price and cost…understanding operating leverage”

Who Should Attend

Experienced managers, general managers, directors, vice presidents and top executives in sales, marketing, production and manufacturing…as well as those in managerial positions (and up) throughout the organization who need a background in the principles of corporate finance.

Note: You’ll need a calculator for this seminar.

CE Credits: 2.4

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We appreciate that this is an important investment for you and your company and would like to accommodate your needs the best we can.

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Reviews of American Management Association

(3 Reviews)
Frank L.
Attended: AMA's Finance Workshop for Non-Financial Leaders
I thoroughly enjoyed the class and got a lot out of it. The instructor was very knowledgeable and funny. He made a dry topic very interesting with real world examples, including some from his personal and professional life. By doing so, he ensured that the lessons had resonance and real world applications to all of us. He kept everyone engaged without embarrassing anyone and kept the class moving at a good pace. He really made the difference and I can't say enough about him - very good teacher and very passionate about the topic and his class.
Jasper A.
Attended: AMA's Finance Workshop for Non-Financial Leaders
Very educating and informing. Love the interacting nature of the class and the course leaders approach of teaching
Sean R.
Attended: AMA's Finance Workshop for Non-Financial Leaders
Joe did a wonderful job at getting us to interact and do work to reinforce the concepts.