Magnetic Storytelling Boot Camp

Magnetic Speaking

Increase your influence with storytelling for business. Connect, persuade and keep listeners at the edge of their seats. Change people’s minds and hearts, and get them to take action by tapping into the hidden power of stories for any business setting.

Drive business results with your stories –

  • Bring any presentation to life and influence others by weaving appropriate business stories.
  • Use stories to lessen resistance to your ideas, to convince a client that working with you is the best option without seemingly to brag about yourself, and to magnetically glue your audience to every word you say.
  • Stories sell. As a leader and influencer, you are always selling: You sell ideas, projects, products, services, your team, etc. Stories help you sell elegantly without being sales(y) or pushy.

Ten powerful training takeaways –

  1. Learn how to tell the seven stories every successful business leader must know
  2. Increase your credibility, impact, and charisma as a leader
  3. Make your messages more memorable and more believable
  4. Create engaging stories every time using a simple template
  5. Captivate your audience with six proven delivery techniques
  6. Add variety to your stories with the five universal storytelling structures
  7. Transport your audience to your scene and make them glad they’re there
  8. Mesmerize, your listeners, using “picture words.”
  9. Connect with your audience by telling your story (or your company story) the right way
  10. Eliminate your audience’s objections before they voice them with a simple objection resolution story

Limited Seating Training (14) to maximize your learning experience.

Please let us know 1 week prior the event if you are going to reschedule.

Magnetic Speaking

Transform from a professional to a leader through public speaking. We use accelerated learning technology, acting techniques, and neuroscience to help you turbo-charge your speaking skills.

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