Public Speaking Mini-Class

MIcrophone II

Become a better presenter, influencer, and leader with our weekly one-hour class.

Class Takeaways:

Become the best speaker, presenter, and communicator in your organization.

  • Think faster on your feet and never be thrown off with interruptions
  • Loosen up and become more natural
  • Stretch your communication limits
  • Expand Your Comfort Zone
  • Be prepared to learn something new every class and will be able to practice in front of other students in a safe and supportive environment.

Limited Seating: 10 Max

Please let us know 1 week prior the event if you are going to reschedule.

Magnetic Speaking

Transform from a professional to a leader through public speaking. We use accelerated learning technology, acting techniques, and neuroscience to help you turbo-charge your speaking skills.

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  • Class schedule to be determined soon - please enter your email if you wish to be contacted when the schedule is released.