Decker Made To Stick Messaging

Decker Made To Stick Messaging

Learn why some ideas thrive while others die. Improve the chances of your worthy ideas.

This one-day business storytelling course is designed in partnership with Chip & Dan Heath, authors of the best-selling book Made to Stick, and will elevate the effectiveness of an important pitch. Come with a pitch in mind, and work throughout the day to make your ideas stick with your customers, coworkers, bosses…and maybe even your kids.

In a fun, interactive environment you’ll actively work on your pitch it throughout the day as you’re led through the principles to make it stick. Then, see for yourself how you transformed your own idea with your before and after recordings.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for leaders, sales people, speakers, marketers, managers and professionals who must persuade and convince others to action.

  • Beat the ‘Curse of Knowledge’, the single biggest obstacle to clear messages
  • Create a message that your listener will hear and act on using the Decker Grid System
  • Find the “core” of your idea (and why so many communicators inadvertently bury it)
  • Use the principles of memory research to make your message unforgettable
  • Make data and numbers stick using the “human scale principle”
  • See how the six principles of sticky ideas can transform messages at all levels: from speeches to presentations to your very next email and phone call.

What Participants Need to Know:

Join us starting at 8:00am for a continental breakfast and chance to network with your fellow participants. The program begins at 8:30am, and you should plan on staying until 5pm.

We’ll provide lunch so that you can stay focused and alert all day!

22 or more days prior to the start of the program: Move to another program without penalty by contacting our office.

15-21 days prior to the start of the program: Incur penalty of 50% of the registration cost. The remaining balance may be applied to a future program.

0-14 days prior to the start date: Incur penalty of 100% of registration cost. Full registration fee is required to sign up for a future program.

Substitutions are always welcome. In the event that you cannot attend, please feel free to send a friend or colleague in your place.

Decker Communications

Decker Communications consults and trains businesses in communications – both in what they say and how they say it. Since 1979 Decker has worked with thousands of leaders in Fortune 500 companies, hot start-ups and leading non-profits (including AT&T, Direct Energy, Fitbit, Hilton, Merrill Lynch, The Nature Conservatory, Pfizer, Sephora, Uber, VISA and many more).

Decker is the leading expert in business communications, creating focus and confidence to help leaders communicate vision, motivate action or close the deal. Our open enrollment classes are open to anyone.

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