Women in Leadership Bootcamp

Women’s Public Speaking

Lead as a woman – with charisma and power through this full day training.

Get recognized as a leader in your organization by enhancing your confidence and skills. Get the learning in an intensive full day boot camp. Each session will focus on one theme to help you become a more effective leader in life and in the workplace!

Training Takeaways –

After you take this training, you will be able to:

  • Boost your brand as a capable leader inside and outside your organization
  • Project confidence and command attention every time you communicate
  • Communicate up and down the organizational ladder with eloquence and poise

During the training:

Practice what you learn immediately in a full classroom setting and get immediate feedback.

Some of the topics covered in the full day event:

  1. Leadership confidence, authority, and credibility
  2. Influence skills in small or large group settings
  3. Negotiation strategies for salaries, projects, and promotions
  4. Conflict management in groups and one-on-one settings
  5. Dealing with Bullies and politics in the workplace
  6. Personal branding and professional image as a women leader
  7. Articulating a powerful vision and strategy
  8. Standing for a position without being viewed as stubborn or “bossy”
  9. Developing a magnetic and charismatic vocal and physical presence

Each topic will have powerful takeaways, pragmatic tools, and interactive practices during the session.

Limited Seating Training to maximize your learning experience.


Please let us know 1 week prior the event if you are going to reschedule.

Magnetic Speaking

Transform from a professional to a leader through public speaking. We use accelerated learning technology, acting techniques, and neuroscience to help you turbo-charge your speaking skills.

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