Become a Japanese Chef – Homemade Sushi!


Prepare homemade sushi like a Japanese Chef! If you love sushi and eat it at least once a week, it’s about time for you to make your own! 100% Hands On!!

For over the past decade, I have taught how to make delicious sushi to thousands of people from all over the world, from kids to adults in different classes from Nombe, Learning Annex, Home Cheff, to Sprouts (kids)! My class is fun, full of energy, and full of information that a person who grew up eating sushi would know.

In this a 3-hour hands on class you will learn how to…

  • make perfect sushi rice
  • use the tools right
  • cut veggies and fish for rolls
  • make 4 different types of rolls
  • slice the rolls nicely
  • plate sushi
  • mix rice with Sushi vinegar
  • wash and cook rice
  • cut the veggies and prepare to roll the sushi
  • how to slice and plate what you create

You will make:

1) Hosomaki (small rolls) You will learn the basic and how to make small rolls. Kappa – Cucumber roll organic cucumber and sesame seeds Tekka – Tuna Roll

2) Uramaki (inside-out rolls) You will learn how to make the American version of sushi, inside-out rolls. California Rolls Spicy Tuna Rolls

3) Futomaki (Fat rolls) You will learn how to make big rolls. Futomaki Shrimp Tempura Roll

4) Temaki (Hand rolls) You will learn how to make hand rolls, which is the most difficult of all rolls. Rock’n roll Salmon & Mango

5) Rainbow Roll You will learn how to make the beautiful Rainbow roll.

Come learn how to make sushi like a pro so you can turn your kitchen into a personal sushi bar!

5-7 days returning 50%
3-4 days returning 30%
-2 days no refund


Growing up in Yokohama, Japan, Mari always cooked with her mom. She worked at multi-billion-dollar bio-tech and high-tech companies travelling all over the world before switching her career. She started catering company in 2004, opened Sozai Restaurant and Nombe, which became top 100 by Chronicle. She has been teaching how to make sushi ever since she started the catering company, and how to make Ramen since 2015. She has already taught how to make Ramen over 600 students and Sushi to countless amount of students aged from 6 to 75 over the last decade.

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