Improv for Shy People

Improv for Shy People

Do you self-identify as shy or introverted? Are you unlikely to be the first to speak up in class or in a meeting? Do you find yourself overshadowed by your friends, family, or colleagues? Are you overwhelmed when you’re in a big group of people?

Signing up for an improv class may be the last thing on your mind if you consider yourself shy, but you’d be surprised how safe and supportive the art form can be. Focused on creating a comfortable and safe environment, Improv for Shy People introduces the basics of BATS-style improv in order to cultivate spontaneity, flexibility, and confidence. Improv skills build trust and cooperation and tap into the imaginative and creative qualities that we all possess. This class will leave you with some real tools to apply to your life, and you’ll have a tremendously fun time in the process of acquiring them!

Why Study Improv?

It’s fun! And improv skills are life skills: listening, connecting and collaborating with partners, maintaining flexibility, telling a story, embracing risk, building resilience. Whether you dream of the spotlight or just want to get more comfortable making small talk, you can develop your skills, and we can help you.

Our program can take you from novice to the stage, or you can stop anywhere in between. And as your improv skills grow, so will you as you become more confident, carefree, and comfortable in your own skin. Frankly, we can think of no higher form of education.

For people with limited time/resources or who aren’t sure improv is for them, these dip-your-toe-in-the-water introductory workshops were developed. In these 3-hour classes, students use games and exercises to explore the basic concepts and skills of improvised theatre. And after you’ve had a taste, you may very well want the complete improv experience in Foundation 1, our 6-week beginner class, which more fully covers the material.

Prerequisite: None

Note: Maximum 16 students – all adults 18 and over are welcome!


If you cancel more than 96 hours (4 days) before a class begins, we will refund your tuition less a 15% processing fee.
If you cancel within 96 hours (4 days) of your first class, your tuition will be forfeit.

Summer Youth and Adult Sessions cancellation policy:

If you cancel more than 14 days (2 weeks) before your first class, we will refund your tuition less a 15% processing fee.

If you cancel within 14 days (2 weeks) of your first class, your tuition will be forfeit.

3 Important Items:

1) Some classes may have individual policies, so please be sure to read carefully before you register.

2) In the event that we cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment, we’ll refund your tuition in full.

3) All cancellation and refund requests must be emailed to [email protected], and include the title and start date of your class. Each class tuition payment will stand on its own, and is non-transferable.

BATS Improv

At the BATS School of Improv, San Francisco’s largest and most respected improv training center, you’ll learn the craft of improvisation, BATS-style — listening, paying attention, storytelling, status, spontaneity, and making your partner look good.
We offer classes year-round for adults and youth, beginner to advanced, actors and non-actors. Classes are held in two San Francisco locations and in Palo Alto, and most meet for three hours once a week for six weeks. All classes are taught by our friendly and insightful coaching staff, innovators in the field of improvisation.

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