InDesign Fundamentals


Graphics professionals rely extensively on Adobe InDesign to create powerful layouts for print and digital publishing. This InDesign Fundamentals training in San Francisco will help you attain proficiency with InDesign’s essential design, typographic and publishing features. In this course, you will learn to:

  • Rapidly master the basics of InDesign.
  • Author sophisticated documents and presentations enhanced with video and sound.
  • Boost your efficiency by editing with the InDesign Story Editor.
  • Employ master pages and styles to maintain consistency within a document or throughout an entire library.
  • Manage the flow of text across pages with advanced text frame threading techniques.
  • Simplify document revisions by grouping items.
  • Use effective layout management techniques and document templates to minimize unnecessary repetition.
  • Streamline the design process with object libraries and “snippets.”
  • Avoid document-wide reformatting headaches with InDesign’s native ability to manage object spacing.
  • Create accurate paths, pictures and type from free form drawings with the vector path tool.
  • Work with multiple versions of a layout with InDesign’s “layout comps” feature.
  • Understand and control the leading, composition, hyphenation, and justification of a document’s text.
  • Manipulate typographical elements rapidly with shortcut keys.
  • Include automatically-updating footnotes, endnotes, and tables of contents.
  • Automatically apply text formatting rules based on specific conditions.
  • And many more topics! See full outline for InDesign Fundamentals.

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