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The proliferation of wireless and mobile devices such as personal digital assistants and mobile phones has created a large demand for mobile software applications such as games and other software. The Java programming language is becoming more and more popular in mobile devices. With the demand for higher functioning mobile devices, Java applications can be developed to run on multiple targets, with a common set of application code.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) has become increasingly important for the development of modern, complex, large-scale software projects. We offer introduction to OOP classes using Java in Eclipse. The focus is placed on building a real system. Students should be able to understand object-oriented programming features in Java, applying these features to program design and implementation, understanding object-oriented concepts and how they are supported by Java, gain some practical experience of Java, understand implementation issues related to object-oriented techniques, and build a real system program using Java.

Our Java classes begin by providing an understanding of the fundamentals of the Java programming language, the Java landscape for resource constrained environments; writing Java for J2ME, in particular MIDlets for MIDP; and experience in implementing mobile applications in Java.

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