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SQL (Structured Query Language) is a powerful but simple programming language used to communicate with databases and a standard across most online applications. Knowing SQL allows you to gather, analyze and process data from any database you have access to. SQL provides powerful but reasonably simple tools for data analysis and handling.

This workshop is meant for beginners. You’ll learn SQL queries needed to collect data from a database, even if it lives in different places and analyze it to find the answers you’re looking for. Learners master SQL fundamentals in a short time:

  • The most effective process for structuring data questions and how to translate these to SQL queries
  • The most important tools and resources for running SQL queries
  • How to organize data from SQL queries

We also offer SQL bootcamps. This bootcamp will take absolute beginners through the basics of SQL to an ability to write queries with confidence. We will use a combination of lecture and in-class exercises to ensure that students leave with a working grasp of SQL fundamentals:

  • Background on SQL
  • Basic SELECT-FROM-WHERE statements
  • LIMIT clauses
  • Math operations and constant expressions in SELECT statements
  • Booleans and complex conditions in the WHERE clause
  • Pattern matching in the WHERE clause
  • NULL values
  • JOIN operations
  • Grouping and aggregations
  • HAVING clauses
  • ORDER BY clauses
  • Subqueries

If Advanced SQL is the level you are looking to achieve, and advanced MySQL course will help you cover advanced topics like MySQL database concepts and administration. We also offer courses on combining SQL with PHP.

Our classes are taught by superstar software development talent like Matthew Morris:

I love answering tough questions. Researching and finding impossible answers is a thrill for me. I have been working with data for 16 years in many roles revolving around the same thing; Make the data meaningful and consumable for the client; Show them something cool. I believe nobody knows the business better than the business and am I an advocate for the business community being trained, listened to and guided into the world of advanced analytics.

  • Languages: SQL(Expert), PigLatin(Intermediate level), Python(Basic level)
  • Applications: Cloudera, Tableau, Essbase Application Manager, Showcase, Captivate, Articulate
  • Learning: Python, JavaScript, Predictive Analytics, R
  • Experience: Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Technical Training, Business Liaison
  • Areas of Business: Merchandising, Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing
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