Auditioning 101


In this information-packed workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Where to find auditions Seattle area
  • How to identify roles that would be good for YOU to audition for (and roles to avoid)
  • How to increase your odds of actually getting cast
  • How to prepare for an audition
  • The six things you should always bring to every audition
  • Audition etiquette: how to make a good, not bad, first impression
  • How to film your own audition
  • How to identify your type and age range (and why both matter)
  • The differences between stage auditions and camera auditions
  • How to find the “good” acting agencies, and avoid the scams
  • how to get professional-quality headshots taken at an affordable price
  • How to film and audition, then put it online
  • How to tell which “auditions” are scams, and which are legit
  • How to write a good acting resume, whether you’re experienced or a beginner.
  • You’ll also learn an easy and effective way of doing cold reads, and learn the etiquette or auditioning.

As the class moves along, we’ll do practice exercises and warm-ups to make more comfortable with the auditioning process, and you’ll get honest feedback about how to improve. The instructor has directed for stage and film for over twenty years. His movies have played in international film festivals. NOTE: You can take this class just for fun, or as part of our Certificate Program in Acting Fundamentals

*Price includes a $10 registration fee.

Full refunds are given as long as the class is cancelled with at least 48 hours notice. is an independent adult education program, located in Seattle, Washington. We were established in 2002. We offer fun, affordable noncredit classes and workshops in the arts.

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