Quick Intro to Welding


This is the place to begin. Our technical, two-hour class includes one hour of theory and one hour of hands-on MIG (GMAW) (FCAW) welding. MIG or Wire feed welding the easiest, fastest process to use. You will be joining steel right away!

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This class is not project-based but lays the foundation for project-based classes as well as the more advanced TIG classes which will allow you to weld non-ferrous metals, like aluminum, (Some high power MIG systems can be used to join aluminum, a competent system of this kind will cost $3-5k)

If you want to learn metalwork with us, just start with our quick intro to welding. Our classes are never larger than 12 people, with 6 to 8 on average. We ask that you start with either this class or the MIG welding intensive. Our small class sizes allow us to work with our clients at their own level and pace.

Our Intro to welding class will get you welding right away, and open the door to further adventures in metal, art, and technical education.

Suitable for students 16 years old and up. Students as young as twelve may attend with a parent.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any class which is under enrolled. We refund any class which we cancel. Clients will be refunded in full for any class cancelled two weeks in advance. We do not re-schedule.


We transfer expertise from professional to enthusiast. We offer team-building exercises, welding and sculptural classes. We teach every conventional type of welding and computer numeric control of plasma cutting equipment. We can also teach fabrication, metal casting, and basic machine tool operation.

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Reviews of HazardFactory

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Dallas J.
Attended: Quick Intro to Welding
As CEO of Connect2Classes, I love to take classes and experience different things. I took Intro to Welding at Hazard Factory with a colleague and we had a blast. We learned a number of different welds, practiced and tested the strength of our work. If you are interested in welding this is a great place to start. If you just want to try something new this is definitely worth the evening.
Michael D.
Attended: Quick Intro to Welding
Welding for the first time was akin to the feelings of receiving a shiny new toy as a child. The awe of the experience of melting metal and working with welding equipment was giggly fun. An experience at the Hazard Factory is something for all to experience.
Mackay C.
Rusty Is Radical. Great experience, great instructor! Metalwork is a lot like having super-powers! This five hour MIG welding class is designed to familiarize you with the required equipment and establish your confidence so you feel comfortable welding on your own. You will be introduced to different machines and can expect to walk out of the class ready to weld safely and independently. The workshop fee includes all shop materials and equipment; just show up.