Six Week Metal Boot Camp Session 4: Hot Cutting in Dirty Leather


This is introductory, foundational coursework for novice and intermediate metalworkers. We offer advanced and ongoing classes for complex subjects like TIG.

We offer these classes individually as it is frequently difficult for clients to attend six consecutive weekends, we no longer offer the group of classes bundled under one price as this leads to an excessive rescheduling burden.

We provide all equipment required. We provide materials for curriculum based projects. The class does not support individual project work.

It is helpful to attend as many as possible in a row and catch the class you missed the next time it is offered. Minors 16 y.o. and up may attend.

Classes will balance theory with hands on practice. Our goal is to help you develop proficiency with the tools of metalwork in the most concise and effective way possible. We emphasize hands-on practice. Most classes are at least 50% hands on, with a lunch break.

In this class we will cover:

  • Hand-held plasma cutting, so easy and safe it’s almost silly.
  • Hand-held plasma units, an overview of application and expense, tips for getting your filthy mitts on one.
  • Hand-held plasma units, use and maintenance tips and tricks.
  • Oxy-fuel safety, how to handle reactive and explosive hydrocarbons like it’s no thing.
  • Fun with corrosive accelerants! (oxygen, it’s actually corrosive to most everything).
  • Oxy-fuel use, make thick steel fear your very shadow, cutting, heating and bending with oxy fuel.
  • Oxy fuel, cool things you didn’t know, misc applications, unusual equipment options, brazing and welding.
  • If you post a picture of yourself with an oxy-fuel torch you will have 2-300% more street cred.
  • We will use our new skills to cut small signage from scrap steel. We advise a simpler project like a house address or nameplate of roughly 10 characters.

This class is taught at Hazardfactory, a 3000 sq ft working industrial arts studio in south Seattle. We are firmly committed to offering the highest quality instruction of this type. We offer a safe, actively supportive, ism-free working environment. We think of ourselves as occasionally funny.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any class which is under enrolled. We refund any class which we cancel. Clients will be refunded in full for any class cancelled two weeks in advance. We do not re-schedule.


We transfer expertise from professional to enthusiast. We offer team-building exercises, welding and sculptural classes. We teach every conventional type of welding and computer numeric control of plasma cutting equipment. We can also teach fabrication, metal casting, and basic machine tool operation.

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Reviews of HazardFactory

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Mackay C.
Rusty Is Radical. Great experience, great instructor! Metalwork is a lot like having super-powers! This five hour MIG welding class is designed to familiarize you with the required equipment and establish your confidence so you feel comfortable welding on your own. You will be introduced to different machines and can expect to walk out of the class ready to weld safely and independently. The workshop fee includes all shop materials and equipment; just show up.