Let’s Make a Movie

Film and Video

Ever dreamed about acting in a movie, or making a movie of your own? In this fun, 3-session hands on film class, we’ll create and film a short independent movie from scratch, working as a group. You’ll learn how to make movies by actually helping make one.

LET’S MAKE A MOVIE is a good class for FILMMAKERS wanting to see how the process works, and help out behind the scenes. It’s also a good class for ACTORS wanting to get some FILM ACTING EXPERIENCE under their belts, and get some good footage for their ACTOR REELS.

Let’s Make A Movie is a fun, fast moving class in which people learn key things about independent filmmaking by actually helping make a movie. It’s an enjoyable way to learn how to make a short independent movie while working against a tight deadline, by actually doing it.

  • In the first class, we’ll brainstorm about the script, and make some basic decisions.
  • The instructor will then write a script designed to give every student an interesting role, and to give the filmmakers in the class a good learning experience. (The instructor’s movies have appeared in international film festivals)
  • In the second class, we’ll cast the movie and rehearse it.
  • In the third class (a full day workshop, we’ll film it.
  • The instructor will bring in pro lights and a prosumer camcorder for the “main camera” filming. Students are welcome to bring their own camcorders or DSLRs and film along.
  • The movie will then be edited, audio edited, and have an original musical score created.
  • Then a few weeks after the class ends, we’ll have a wrap party! (Feel free to invite family and friends.)
  • You do not have to have previous filmmaking experience to take this class.
  • This class is taught by Seattle filmmaker Nils Osmar.


A couple of the meetings may go as late as 9pm

This class has free parking.

Class Price includes a $10 Registration Fee. Adults ages 18 and older.


Full refunds are given as long as the class is cancelled with at least 48 hours notice.


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