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Even with easy-to-use cameras and smartphones, learning both the basics of photography and more advanced skills is still an important step in realizing your creative visions. Beginner photography classes will help you understand the basics of composition, lighting, and creating stunning focal points for your photos. Whether you prefer your DSLR, filters, and lenses, or just an easy-to-use point-and shoot camera, we can help turn all of your captured moments into true works of art.

We also provide professional level training in photography, graphic arts and design, creative software, film, and other visual storytelling media. Even if you just use stock photos or video, learning creative software and techniques can help apply them flawlessly to any project. So many of our classes are taught by local experts – creative industry professionals who can share their accumulated knowledge with deep creative insight and wisdom. These are the sorts of classes that will have you seeing things in all new ways, which is critical to developing a truly great creative eye.

There are beginner to advanced photography classes for kids and teens, as well! A lot of our classes are great for all ages, as well as couples, families, and co-workers or friends in groups, so please ask!

Beginner Photography

It might have been some time since you have seriously considered spending time in a dark room, but conventional photography still offers unique creative pleasures. It’s worth building that skill set, but we also serve digital photographers and offer an array of classes to find your unique point of view and preferred method for capturing photos. If you have only just begun to be interested in photography, our beer or wine PLUS photography classes might be just the thing to inspire you! Our photography masters have shot for some amazing publications, including National Geographic, and belong to organizations like the Professional Photographers of America. .Whether your camera of choice is a DSLR, point and shoot, smart phone, or tablet, learning the fundamentals of visual storytelling will elevate your photos.

Camera Operation

Our introductory classes cover the basics of camera operation: exposure, f-stops, shutter speeds, ISO, lenses, filters, and flash. We also offer introductory classes for using smart phones, point and shoot cameras, or even tablets to capture a wide variety of subjects and scenes. You can also learn to use natural and ambient light and/or fill/strobe (flash) light for photographing a variety of subjects indoors and outside.

Digital Photography

Digital photography makes the classic photographic medium more accessible to all sorts of aspiring artists. We offer classes for smartphone cameras and tablets like iPhone and iPad, and we also help our photographers understand the potential of their cameras from greats like Nikon, Canon and Pentax. Our classes cover pre-shooting settings, as well as post-production skills for photo manipulation and artistry using tools like Adobe Photoshop. Whether landscapes, portraits, or streets inspire you, it is possible to improve your memory-making skills in a very short time!

If you are a digital camera buff, we offer classes that cover the most popular brands such as Nikon, Pentax and Canon, as well as using tripods and lighting equipment.. If you are a more casual photographer, we also offer local classes to show you how to take great pictures on your iPhone or Android devices. Our local classes will also expose you to the stunning beauty of our local area and teach you to capture memories in the most spectacular ways possible.

Exposure and Light

For any sort of photographer, lighting and exposure can make or break any shoot. Our lighting and exposure classes will show you how to see, direct, and manipulate both natural and artificial light sources. You can learn, for instance, how direction of light can literally make your photography shine. Learning how to create light modifiers on any budget will allow you to control lighting in any situation. And also the secrets of spotlighting your subjects with flattering lighting techniques. Once the lighting is perfected, selecting the appropriate exposure is the next step. These are skills that differ greatly across photography platforms and is also a post-production consideration. But getting exposure right when a photograph is taken greatly increases its potential to be a showstopper.

Nature Photography

Nature photography classes will introduce you to the wonders of both the macro and micro worlds. You will learn how to get more out of your camera by focusing on landscapes and small flora and fauna. There is always nature to photograph, and taking constant inspiration from your surroundings will help improve your skills bit by bit. Seattle’s gorgeous parks, gardens, and nature reserves will inspire you even further, and many of our classes involve field trips to great locations like Gas Works Park, Alki Beach, the Volunteer Park Conservatory, and the Washington Arboretum.

Travel Photography

Whether you love to shoot around Seattle or travel further afield, documenting your memories with photographs always pays you back in spades. Or perhaps you are a traveler to Seattle! Our fair city is so inspiring, with natural scenery that leaves people breathless and a cultural scene that is so lively and diverse.

Photo Editing

We don’t always collect our best and final image with just the click of the shutter. Sometimes it is in post-production, retouching, and photo editing that we stumble upon the perfect combination of photo-enhancing adjustments. We offer iPhone photography, beginner and advanced Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator,


Composition is one of the key elements to photographs that resonate and pop. Our composition in the field classes will help train your artistic eye anywhere there are great subjects to shoot. Seattle’s vibrant culture makes it a great location for street photography and capturing the buzz of a city full of art, festivals, parks and gardens, and amazing markets like Pike Place, all set among stunning natural scenery.

Portrait Photography

No one needs a sophisticated photo studio to take excellent shots that flatter their subjects. Using natural light, especially outdoors, yields the best results, which many fashion, wedding, and portrait photographers know. Even your selfies can get a boost from learning the basics of lighting, contours, exposure, and the perfect composition. Other skills to learn are scouting locations, helping models pose, and framing the perfect portrait.

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