Beginner Photoshop Class


Learn Beginner Photoshop from our world class graphic designer Amy! This class is designed for the aspiring Photoshop artist! Our designer Amy will guide you through the ins and outs of basic Photoshop. This 3 hours hands on workshop features one on one instruction, class assignments, and you’ll walk away with a basic knowledge of all Photoshop Tools!

This class is 100% interactive and all of the materials will be provided by Amy so you can work along with her!

***Class Requirements: Laptop or Desktop and Photoshop (Any Version: Elements, CS5, Etc.)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Work Space
  • Learning all of the Tools
  • Pallets
  • Understanding Layers
  • Cropping
  • Vignette your Images
  • Levels
  • Hue/Saturation
  • Black and White Image Conversions
  • Selective Color
  • JPG vs. RAW Image Formats
  • Correcting Exposure
  • Quick Keys
  • Text
  • Custom Brush Creation
  • 2 Special Projects so You Can Practice What we Have Learned
  • Q & A with Demonstration

Hudson's Photo Workshops

The desire and demand for quality photographic education is at an all time high right now. Because of this need, Hudson’s Photo Workshops was created! We offer a variety of basic to advanced photography classes and digital photo classes near Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma. The founder of Hudson’s Photo Workshops, Bruce Hudson, is a nationally recognized master craftsman photographer, author, and educator who has crafted a collection of workshops designed for all skill levels with topics relevant to today’s photo enthusiast. With over 3,000 students in 3 years, we are Seattle's Best Photo Class!

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Reviews of Hudson's Photo Workshops

(3 Reviews)
Chantelle E.
This review is for the Hudson's Photo Workshops only. I came across there group while searching for a photography class. I was looking for something with a decent price, not a huge commitment, and in my area. So this looked like a win win (and I didn't even get the groupon, full price was still a great deal). I finally got a chance to take the class last weekend and was so pleasantly impressed. Bruce teaches the classes, and he is friendly, funny, personable, informative and patient. All the things you need when trying to learn something new. I felt in the four hour intro class I gained all I needed to to get me going, anything more and my brain would not have digested. They do offer extended classes which I will be signing up for very soon!
Tanya E.
I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce and his son Josh while partaking in a 4-hour, 7-steps to improving your photography class. The level of detail, customer service and overall commitment to the craft was evident from the moment we walked in the door. Although a large portion of the class had called and cancelled, Bruce still taught the class for the five of us who did show up. I have a little camera knowledge, but found the instruction and tips extremely useful. Bruce truly is an artist and I would highly recommend them for classes, and photos for your collection.
Theo B.
I took the 4 Hour Photography Class using one of those Discount social coupons. The class was more about technique and settings on your camera. If you don't know how to change settings on your camera bring the manual. The class will definitely improve your photos. The lighting demo was the best part. It did go over the 4 hours mostly due to 20 minutes in the beginning of the class that was like a commercial for Hudson's. If he nixed that part I would have given 5 stars.