Be the Visionary

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Anyone in a position of leadership is required, among other things, to have a vision of where you and your people are going. Whether you are a team leader, project manager, VP of Marketing or the founder of a multi-national corporation, a lack of direction can be disastrous. A clear vision can make a company thrive – often beyond expectations.

In this workshop you will create a clear vision for your business, idea or project.

Having a vision is the key to a successful enterprise or project – no matter your role in an organization. Join us for this half-day workshop to come up with exactly that: a vision that gets you up in the morning.

Scott Bohart of Move Ahead will help you:

  • Come up with a clear vision that makes you feel excited
  • Make it so that you can clearly and easily tell anyone about it
  • Feel what it will be like to succeed in this goal

Scott Bohart | Move Ahead Professional Training & Coaching
Founder and President

Motivation Training specializing in drawing out the motivation needed to have a better life or business – including ability to lead a business well, manage a team better, grow your business or to make that career change that you’ve always wanted.

Greater Seattle SCORE

Greater Seattle SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentoring. We have been doing this for nearly fifty years. No matter the stage you are in, Greater Seattle SCORE exists to serve you. Knowledge is power, and our low-cost workshops provide you an education in all aspects of starting and managing your business. In one day, you can learn the basics of how to start a business, how to write a business plan and more in our rotating workshop schedule.

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