Managing for Performance


 In the not-so-distant past, the goal of management was task-compliance. Now the goal of successful management has a much broader, “people-performance” definition. Effective performance management happens when organizations have committed, flexible, motivated employees who are skilled at both their tasks and working in teams.

Managing for Performance is a two-day program that provides the awareness and skills that are critical for managers to develop and maintain high performance with their direct reports. Participants discover what to do to create a work environment that retains and motivates employees. The skills they will learn and maximize include: dealing with change, understanding behavior patterns, effective communication, establishing performance expectations, coaching, delegating and conflict resolution.


Managing for Performance provides the awareness and skills that are critical for managers who are responsible for maintaining and developing high-performing teams.


This participation-driven class focuses on providing managers with the ideas and tools necessary for effective leadership. Leaders will learn how to retain and motivate employees, demonstrate clear communication and encourage people to do their best.

Program Modules

  •  Leadership fundamentals
  •  Effective communication skills
  •  Understanding Behavior Styles
  •  High-performance coaching
  •  Purposeful Delegation
  •  Managing Change
  •  Creating effective teamwork

Activity Highlights

  • Clarify the difference between managing and leading
  •  Complete a conflict inventory report
  •  Identify your preferred Behavior Style
  •  Practice creating and giving clear expectations
  •  Make a delegation plan
  •  Explore common reactions to change

Key Component

The Behavior Styles Assessment is an online tool that allows one to develop an understanding of the four behavior styles and how your individual behavior style can impact relationships with collegues, leaders and clients. The Behavior Styles Assessment is used in three of our programs: People Skills, Leveraging Team Dynamics and Managing for Peformance.

Recommended for

New and Experienced Managers interested in formal training

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