Leadership that Shapes the Future

leadership that shapes the future

What do great leaders do differently? Develop the essential leading, planning, and decision-making skills necessary to create and sustain long-term organizational success.

What Do Great Leaders Do Differently?

In Leadership that Shapes the Future, you will develop the essential leading, planning and influencing skills necessary to create and sustain long-term organizational success. During this interactive three-day seminar, you will learn strategies and methods you can use to become a “transformational leader” — one who enables others, especially peers and subordinates, to transcend self-interest and act for the common good of the organization.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Become a more influential member of the management team
  • Shape customer expectations and position your organization for long-term, sustainable growth
  • Make better, more inclusive and effective decisions
  • Link personal, team and organizational goals to make a stronger impact on the bottom line
  • Empower colleagues, employees and teams to fulfill their potential
  • Overcome your leadership gaps and capitalize on strengths to reach your career goals
  • Personalized action plans to make your decision-making more effective

Boost your leadership skills in five ways:

  1. Enhance your performance as a leader.
    Examine your assumptions about contemporary leadership challenges, responsibilities and obligations as you gain insight into the role that leaders must play to be agents of change. You will learn effective leadership processes to reshape your organization and meet the challenges of a global economy.
  2. Unleash the true power of your teams.
    Discover the conditions team members need to become high achievers as you learn how to identify and remove causes of failure, from systems to processes to people. Study how successful leaders use team activities to strengthen communication and encourage leadership qualities in others; then complete your own six-step leadership process.
  3. Shape the future of your organization.
    The most effective leaders and organizations are not simply striving to fulfill or even exceed their customers’ expectations, they are helping them. Learn how effective leaders show customers possibilities they have not even asked for yet, to position your organization for long-term, sustained growth.
  4. Create a custom road map to a high performance culture.
    Utilizing an Organizational Culture Assessment, determine where your culture stands now, and where it should be if your company is to be successful in five years. Connect your leadership goals to that organizational road map and position yourself as an agent of positive change.
  5. Create a personal development action plan to generate lasting results.
    Focus on your individual leadership goals and apply your knowledge in the workplace with a Personal Development Action Plan.

Key Topics

Take the next step to achieve your leadership potential. In this three-day seminar, you will learn how effective leaders meet complex challenges to create high performing organizations, and how you can leverage your strengths to drive transformational change.

The Essence of Effective Leadership – The leader’s critical roles and functions in every organization. The leader’s goals: improve performance and quality, increase output, promote pride of accomplishment. A model of effective leadership. Integrating the roles of leadership and management. How effective leaders link personal and organizational goals.

Building High-Performing Teams – Developing the talents and potential of others. Empowering team members to generate motivation and commitment. Organizing team-building activities.

Organizational Culture – How organizational culture affects the bottom line. Characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of different organizational cultures. Assessing your organization’s culture. Leading culture change in your organization.

High Performing Organizations – The impact of team leadership on business performance. Kaizen — the spirit of continuous improvement. How effective management of the workforce leads to enhanced productivity and increased profitability.

Effective Decision-Making – Determining how and when to involve others in decisions. Assessing your decision-making style. Improving employee participation. Practical tools for effective decision-making.

Coaching for Performance – Becoming a developmental manager. Obstacles to effective coaching. Coaching for performance improvement.

The Leader of the Future – How the nature of leadership is changing. Creating your own personal development action plan. Becoming the leader you would follow.

Customize this seminar for your company
We can tailor this seminar to meet your key strategic business needs. That way, your employees stay focused on your mission and goals as they learn from University of Washington faculty. We can create in-house versions of any of our three seminars in Finance and Accounting, Negotiating and Leadership. Or work with Executive Education staff to develop a new program specifically for your company.

Note: Registration deadline is one week prior to start date.

All requests for cancellation, refund or substitution must be received in writing (e-mail is acceptable). Executive Education keeps a waiting list for prospective students. Out of consideration for those on the waiting list and to ensure enough time for pre-mailed materials to be received, our cancellation policy is as follows:

30 days before program start date

- 100% refund for withdrawal
Participant substitutes are allowed with no administrative fee;

15 to 29 days before program start date

- 50% refund for withdrawal
Participant substitutes may be allowed on a case by case basis;

2 to 14 days before program start date

- No refund for withdrawal
Participant substitutes may be allowed on a case by case basis;

Less than 48 hours before the program start date

- No refunds or substitutions will be permitted.

Program dates, fees and faculty are subject to change. If a program is cancelled, Executive Education will refund the program tuition in full, but is not responsible for travel, accommodations or other expenses incurred by the participant.

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