People Skills 2-Day Course

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People Skills provides the skills and strategies to enable individuals to work together successfully. People Skills emphasizes the importance of building trust, respect and commitment to common goals.

Through our two day workshop, you will learn how to build upon your strengths and how to tap into the knowledge and skills of others, especially people with whom you have a difficult time getting along. People Skills will help you discover techniques for responding to conflict and creating a win-win.
Learning Outcomes:

    • Complete an assessment to identify your Behavior Style
    • Gain awareness and identify the core needs of the four Behavior Styles
    • Develop skills to change behavior to build positive influence
    • Understand the difference between behavior and personality and how behavior changes situationally
    • Learn the difference between your intent and your impact
    • Discover options to manage tension-reaction behavior under stress
    • Create a high-performing team by understanding and developing the strengths of others

Workshop price includes all course materials, continental breakfast and full lunch.

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Class Fee: $745

  Apr 17, 2018 - Apr 18, 2018
  Jul 24, 2018 - Jul 25, 2018
  Oct 23, 2018 - Oct 24, 2018
Class Type: In Person
Effectiveness Institute
320 120th Avenue NE #B202
Bellevue, WA 98005

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