Successfully Marketing Your Business

Successfully Marketing

You’ve developed a wonderful new product or service. Great! But you have nagging doubts. Have you priced it right? Is the packaging appealing? Are the distribution strategies going to provide sufficient sales? How will you find customers, or they find your product or service? If you have any of these questions, you need to take this workshop!


This half-day workshop will give you the skills you need to successfully marketing your product or service and accomplish the following objectives:

  • Be able to identify customers and their needs
  • Determine the correct pricing, packaging, and distribution of your product
  • Create a promotional plan for your business
  • Be able to sell your product
  • Be able to get your business online

Marketing is about making people aware of your business and getting them to buy your product or service. In this workshop, we will help you make the right choices when pricing your product or service and making sure the product offerings and packaging are attractive to your customers. Then we will help you choose the distribution method that gets your product or service in front of your customers.

We will then walk you through the different choices you have to promote and advertise your product or service and show you how to make a marketing promotional plan. Because many businesses personally sell their products, we also cover how to do face-to-face selling of your product or service. Finally, we’ll show you how get your business online with a website with ways that your customers can find it!

Peter Raven

This workshop is presented by SCORE Business Mentor, Peter Raven, Professor Emeritus at Seattle University. Peter worked as a food scientist/technologist developing new products and processes and managing R&D prior to his academic career. As an academic, Peter taught marketing and international business courses. During his time at Seattle University, Peter directed the Global Business EDGE program, which recently won the Department of Commerce E-Award for export excellence. You can learn more about Peter at his LinkedIn profile here: Peter Raven

Greater Seattle SCORE

Greater Seattle SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentoring. We have been doing this for nearly fifty years. No matter the stage you are in, Greater Seattle SCORE exists to serve you. Knowledge is power, and our low-cost workshops provide you an education in all aspects of starting and managing your business. In one day, you can learn the basics of how to start a business, how to write a business plan and more in our rotating workshop schedule.

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