SEO Keyword Research

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This 2-hour class shows you how to find the best keywords and analyze your competition. Learn the best keyword research tools and SEO competitor analysis processes. There is something for everyone in this bootcamp.

  • SEO Proficiency: Beginner
  • Create a great list of keywords for your website
  • Learn how to identify your primary SEO competitors
  • Find opportunities to rank higher in search results

Join this SEO training class and discover keyword research best practices. Learn about the tools, tactics, and metrics to find great keyword opportunities. This is the first of a 5-part SEO Bootcamp series.

Understand your competitive landscape and some basic strategies to increase your search rank. Analyze competitor’s keyword ranks and backlink profiles.

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Moz Academy

Moz is a Seattle-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analytics company that is focused on helping businesses and nonprofits increase their search rank position and improve traffic to their websites. Moz software is used to discover keywords, track competitors, and develop a winning SEO strategy.

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