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Cooking classes are not just for foodies! We offer local classes and workshops where you can learn basic skills and techniques, exotic international cuisines, baking and desserts, healthy cooking, and so much more. A love of food can develop into lifelong passions and new activities to be enjoyed with friends new or old. For the creative types, there are numerous ways to also connect cooking and food culture to your other artistic expressions – each reinforces the other, making you feel more creative and fulfilled overall. Can you tell we just love food and creative endeavors? We love anything that tastes good and makes us feel good, too!

Seattle’s culinary scene has become center stage for foodies and critics – and some of our best chefs give back to our foodie communities with the gift of their knowledge and experience. It’s truly a transformational experience to be taught by the best:culinary champions and masters who are world-class practitioners of an ancient craft. We also have natural health practitioners who help students live a healthier lifestyle in the most delicious way. Weight issues, hypertension, and diabetes can be managed with food and exercise, but knowing how is key to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

For the bakers, dessert-makers and chocolatiers, the baked goods and confections scene in Seattle will whet your appetite for more. There is also a natural melding of several world-class creative scenes in Seattle – our abundant wine country means vintners and vintages are incorporated into some of our best culinary experiences. Our thriving visual arts scene also has creative impact on other crafts, like cake making and sculpting, sugar art, candy making, and chocolate manipulation. But the best of all worlds? Combine passions with beer and photography classes, wine and painting classes, or other types of experience you can dream of.

If you are interested in holding an event – it could be a birthday, bridal,or baby shower, team building, or just a group of friends cultivating new interests, we can help organize private classes for adults, teens and kids.

If you are looking for a date night activity, couples cooking classes are very popular. Take a class with your partner, or get a whole group together for a team-building event. If you want us to arrange a private cooking class, we can do that, too.. We also offer classes and camps for kids and teens.

Cooking Techniques

If you’re a novice cook or chef in the making, then basic techniques classes are where to begin. You can learn to boil water! But you can also learn other foundational skills, like knife cut techniques and how to use cooking and food processing equipment. We also offer classes in canning, preserving, and artisanal foods. If you are on the culinary career path, these skills are fundamental to any chef’s or restaurateur’s path to mastery. If sommelier is more your style, then gaining expertise in wine appreciation, pairing, and wine-making itself is easier (and more enjoyable!) than you think.

Baking and Desserts

Our baking and dessert classes for adults and kids alike are some of our most popular. There is no better way for couples, families, or colleagues to bond over the ultimate shared experience. Seattle is also home to a world-class chocolate industry and some of the area’s best chocolatiers bring their sweet skills to students of all ages. We also offer specialty classes like ‘Cooking With Cannabis’, which blends the health benefits of marijuana with tasty treats like brownies and candies.

Meals – Cooking and Eating Experiences

For so many epicureans, no meal experience would be complete without great wine and beverages. But we’re not snobs about food! We also offer classes and workshops in the casual culinary arts: smoking, BBQ, and grilling, backyard and tailgate parties, steak and hamburgers, and other seasonal and holiday celebrations.

More bonding opportunities are evident with meal experience sessions with some of Seattle’s best restaurateurs and chefs. This is where you, along with friends, family, or co-workers, prepare a multi-course meal that you can then enjoy along with wine and beverage pairing. It’s the ultimate date night experience or just a great night out for you and a best friend.

International Cooking

Seattle’s diverse ethnic cultures bring exotic delights to our adventurous palates. From cooking with Luigi in Seattle’s Little Italy to Creole cooking with Marcela’s Creole Cookery, each class is a culinary escapade to be remembered. So journey from India and Morocco to Japan via the tastes and smells of each delicious culture, and bring someone along with you, too! Ethnic cuisines can also be healthier and tastier alternatives to traditional American fare which can be heavy on calories. You can prepare a feast to enjoy or swap the popcorn for international fare inspired by food-centered films. Or explore family’s ethnic heritage through food from all over the world, with classes to be enjoyed alone or with others. Kids and teens also learn unique life lessons from exploring the world through food – we offer classes, camps, and other culinary adventures for kids big and small.


Our students LOVE wine, which is no surprise considering our proximity to some of the best vineyards and winemakers in the world! We offer a variety of local classes and meal experiences for the beginner or advanced wine connoisseur. Learn to pair the perfect wines with food you cook or cuisines you enjoy. Or embrace your creative self by learning to paint or take great photographs while enjoying great local wines! From Chardonnay to Pinot Noir, you will develop your palate and learn to discern your favorite varieties and blends. Maybe wine will even be a future career path for you – every great sommelier or vintner had to start somewhere!

Beverages and Spirits

If you are a fan of the inebriating arts, you will be impressed with the wide array of beverage distillation, brewing, and artisanal crafting classes we offer. For those of you who want to turn passion into career, our professional level classes in bartending, distilling, and brewing pair your love of these ancient beverages with local expertise, But there are plenty of things the hobbyist can learn to do at home, like making your own cocktail bitters, inventive cocktails, and sugar art for your concoctions. Or just enjoy developing your palate for single malt scotch, bourbon, or rye, which always makes life more festive.

We also cater to the coffee and tea lovers among you. Our barista classes and class series take you from novice to master in a short time, with knowledge of espresso theory and extraction, grinding, profiling, milk theory, and milk steaming. If a coffee or tea business is on your mind, then classes covering menu building and psychology, coffee and whole bean sales, tea tasting and brewing, will have you creating the perfect niche for your excellent nose and entrepreneurial spirit. Seattle is definitely the right place for a new coffee shop owner to acquire the business and planning skills needed to make your dream a tasty success.

Couples Cooking

All couples could use more delight in their lives as it is sure to stoke the passion in both! All of our classes and workshops are designed to be taken with a friend, partner, or co-workers, but our cooking, baking, and dessert classes are some of the most popular for team-building. And it’s not just romantic couples who can enjoy date time – we also have parent-child classes coming up all the time. Who doesn’t bond better over some cupcake fun or backyard cocktail party prep? Every week can be a new adventure with paella parties, pizza al fresco, tapas, and seasonal/holiday events.

Healthy Cooking

For those who take a more conscious approach to food and cooking, we can empower you with the knowledge and techniques you need to get the most out of every bite. You can learn how food contributes to a healthy life, what constitutes ‘whole’ or ‘real’ foods, dietary and nutrition guidelines, and how to utilize the best ingredients in the healthiest ways. These sorts of skills can change lives for those living with diabetes, weight issues, nutritional limitations, and food allergies. Or for those who are simply concerned about the health of the planet, vegetarian and vegan cooking skills are also part of a commitment to conscious living. And kids and teens can also get a boost from culinary training that puts the emphasis on quality ingredients and preparation.

Are you interested in a particular kind of cooking, perhaps gluten-free, vegan, or French cuisine? We also offer classes for adults and kids to enjoy together, so ask if you are looking for something specific, like father-daughter cooking classes or date night novelties. We can also arrange private classes and workshops for friends, family, or co-worker team building and morale events. Our classes change all the time, so keep checking back with us!

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