6-Hour Smoking And Grilling Class

Smoked and Grilled Meat

Students will concentrate on smoking meats using two different types of pellet smokers including a Traeger, Grilla, One Big Easy, One Big Green Egg, and propane gas grills. In this class the students will smoke pulled pork, a pork tenderloin, a brisket, a chicken, buffalo wings, sweet potatoes and stuffed peppers as well as many other items. This class will be held at the offices of the Seattle BBQ and Grilling School and will be held almost every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from late March, through late October. Class size is up to 28 people. All students need to check in 15 min before class starts.

Friday classes are from 1:00pm – 7:00pm. Saturday and Sunday classes are from 10:00am – 4:00pm

All students need to bring their desired beverages – water, soda, beer, wine, etc.

If you need to cancel or change a class it must be done no later than the Wednesday before your class. We do not allow anyone to change or reschedule a class after Wednesday on the week of their class. If you can not make it to class and it is after Wednesday we do allow you to give your class to a friend or family member but due to the fact that our classes are full and due to the fact that we can not fill vacant spots on short notice we have and do enforce our cancellation policy. Many times we have had to turn people away from our classes only to have people not show up on the day they were scheduled and then they want us to fit them in on a future date!!! No Doing… Show up on the day of your class or reschedule by Wednesday. Also if you have a coupon for two people please also make sure that you have signed up both attendees and not just one person. Each person who is going to attend the class needs to be on the roster. Thanks – The BBQ Management Team!!

Seattle BBQ and Grilling School

The Seattle BBQ and Grilling School has been teaching people how to improve on their outdoor cooking experience. Classes are most every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from March through late October. Take a 6 hour class and learn BBQ magic ~ become the person on your block that is the expert when it comes to BBQ. Want to learn how to deep fry a chicken or turkey? No problem this can be included as part of your BBQ and Grilling experience. And yes – if we teach you how to deep fry a turkey we will teach you how to avoid burning down your house! You will learn how to do it right!

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