Fundamentals of Making Sushi Rolls

Fundamentals of Sushi Making

Learn the techniques and skills you need to create homemade sushi. Class starts with making perfect Sushi Rice. Practice your sushi rolling technique as you make a cucumber roll, a smoked salmon roll, and a classic California roll. Miso soup is included in your sushi meal.

This is a hands-on class and the maximum number of students is 10. Make incredible sushi and take home the recipe.

Classes are available for students 14 years and older. Students from 10-13 are welcome with a parent or guardian (21+).

Prune Kitchen Seattle

Prune Kitchen is Fumiko's cooking studio designed for people to learn to cook. All cooking classes are hands-on. Fumiko is chef and a cooking instructor. She works as a chef at ACRS to cook Asian style lunches. She taught cooking classes for Marysville parks and recreation and currently teaches Japanese home style cooking classes at Nikkei Horizons in addition to Prune kitchen cooking classes.

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Class Fee: $75

  Feb 16, 2019 - Feb 16, 2019
  Mar 16, 2019 - Mar 16, 2019
Class Type: In Person
Prune Kitchen Seattle
1508 25th Ave South #A
Seattle, WA 98144

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Reviews of Prune Kitchen Seattle

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Anon .
Fumiko gives one-on-one, or sometimes group, lessons in cooking at Prune Kitchen, a nicely-appointed, homey, private kitchen. Much of it is Japanese-oriented, such as sushi, but it also has included other kinds of cooking, like Japanese traditional breakfast, Irish breakfast and more. I arranged to take a sushi lesson.In short I would not hesitate to recommend Prune Kitchen and Fumiko for a very enjoyable cooking lesson.