Knife Skills 101

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Mastering basic knife techniques is the key to boosting your confidence in the kitchen. Join us for an evening of hands-on practice and step-by-step instruction on how to use a knife safely and efficiently. Chef Seppo will take you from mincing herbs to cutting whole chicken into manageable parts. (Each student will learn to cut up their own whole chicken.)

We’ll start by going over knife safety, discussing the variety of more common knives, the differences between them, and when you would choose to use each. Next we’ll introduce honing and sharpening, what they are, how they differ and the basic techniques.

With knife handling technique you’ll learn how to grip the neck of the knife in a manner that allows you the most control and power; how to move your knife hand, and thus wield your knife, to work more efficiently and safely; how to hold and use your guide hand properly and safely in order to support your knife hand so that it can continue to work fluidly.

You’ll also learn practical short-cuts and tips for cutting different ingredients. Know about smashing a clove of garlic with the side of a knife to remove the peel? There is a second part to that procedure, that few know of, that allows you to remove the peel quickly and almost effortlessly. Learn a tip that keeps food from crawling up the side of your knife and falling back into what you still need to chop; learn how to slice an onion and potato without having the slices adhere to the side of the blade; learn a simple approach to carrots, and all other ingredients both cylindrical and round, that will keep them from rolling while you work with them. Learn a simple technique, that you can use with just about everything you take a knife to, that will give you leverage and power, enabling you to cut and chop with more control and far less effort and muscle (definitely safer!) .

Because this is a concentrated skills class the focus is on technique and practicing the use of the knife. Many different ingredients will be covered, many of them introducing different skills or techniques, and often several different cuts for each of those ingredients. The chopped and diced ingredients will yield a bounty from which Chef Seppo will create several recipes yielding a delicious feast to indulge in at the end of class – all from the effort of your knife skills practice.

Bring whatever chef knives you use regularly, no matter how simple or sophisticated they may be. We will have plenty of extra chef knives on-hand for anyone to use.

Hands-on participation; appetizers upon arrival; a selection of local microbrews, menu-themed or Northwest wines and our signature non-alcoholic beverages; a sit-down feast including all dishes prepared in class; and printed copies of all recipes.

Class fees are non-refundable. With seven (7) days notice, you may transfer your class fees towards a future class. Within seven (7) days, 50% of the class fees are non-transferable. The other 50% may be transferred towards a future class. You are always welcome to send a friend or family member in your place if you can not make a class you have registered for.

Blue Ribbon Cooking

Since 1995, Blue Ribbon Cooking School has been at the forefront of the Seattle food and entertaining scene. Over the years our motive has been to bring the family back to the dining room table to enjoy homemade meals together. We’ve not only accomplished our objective with the vast variety of hands-on cooking classes and events that we host but we have also expanded upon it.

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Class Fee: $130

  Sep 14, 2020 - Sep 14, 2020
Class Type: In Person
Age: Adults
Blue Ribbon Cooking
2501 Fairview Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102

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Reviews of Blue Ribbon Cooking

(4 Reviews)
Ami J.
My coworkers and I recently attended a private cooking class at Blue RIbbon for team building purposes and felt it was a GREAT success. Julie, the chef we worked with, was a wonderful and encouraging facilitator/teacher, who empowered us to take chances with food we weren't familiar with. The quality and quantity of food was exceptional. We also appreciated her answering all our questions thoughtfully and with a lot of detail. The event was very interactive, and we all had the opportunity to make a portion of pad thai (we chose the Thai menu for the evening). We received great insight from Julie on not only the food we prepared, but also generaly tips and tricks in the kitchen and regarding food safety. The only suggestions from our team were that we would have liked to have had a heads up that you are not allowed to take food home (can the leftovers be donated?), and we also were hurried out at the end with little warning. Aside from these two minor issues, we thoroughly enjoyed the event and I would recommend to any group looking for a fun, interactive and informative event, both personally and professionally.
Quinn R.
Best date idea ever. Sign up for cooking class for two here, learn new skill, drink booze while doing so (who cooks without drinking? I think that is the first cooking rule). Then eat food. Sounds like a win to me. I consider myself a passable cook but still learned some things and half the time to me it's more about the experience. It's fun cooking in a "real" kitchen and this place has exactly that (because it's a "real" kitchen). I'd go again. Cooking classes are fun. Promise.
Andrew K.
This review is for the "meeting space / cooking class" side of the house, nobody got married during our team offsite! The facilities are great! The classroom / cooking area is right on the water and has a view of the marina and Aurora bridge. Of course, it can be a little difficult to talk about budget numbers and business review decks when you've got a glass of wine in your hand and it's one of the three sunny days in Seattle, but that feels more like a good problem than a bad one. By far, the best part of the day was the Iron Chef cook-off. We broke our team down into two groups of 7 and used the cooking facilities to make a 3 course meal. Each team was assigned a chef to help come up with ideas and ensure we didn't set ourselves (or the other team) on fire. Once the teams realized they had to choke down their own creations, everyone got serious and banged out a great meal. The best part? There IS a winning team and we DID get a prize. Sure, it's a coffee mug with an ad on it, but when I get into an argument with somebody on my team now? I point to that damn mug on my shelf and remind them they can't cook chicken to save their lives - data is totally overrated. Definitely a good time and a great location if you're looking for a morale event.
C. L.
This review is for a cooking class I took with them. I took the seafood cooking class with Taylor Shellfish. I took the class with my mom since my husband doesn't like seafood. I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire night. They split our class up into groups and well took turns cooking certain dishes. The chefs did a great job of including everyone and making sure everyone had an equal chance to be involved. There was beer and wine available too, so that made it even more fun.:) At the end of the night, there was a buffet table of all the food we made. Although, most of us were too full (from tasting everything throughout the evening) to eat very much of it. They give you a packet of all of the recipes we used too, so no need for a notepad. Seemed like there were a lot of couples, so it would be great for a date night. It would also be fun for a group of girlfriends to have a girls' night.