Ottolenghis Jerusalem Cookbook Cooking Class

Karen Binkhorst

Come join us as Chef Maria Troxell makes some of her favorite recipes out of Yotam Ottolenghi’s famous cookbook, “Jerusalem”.  The cookbook is filled with exotic recipes, who’s origins stem from every place you can imagine, as Jerusalem itself is a melting pot of food cultures and cooking traditions.  Ottolenghi’s approach is more like a road-map than exact directions — but the ingredients are unusual and fragment and surprising in so many ways. Come cook and eat with us, and give it a try!  Wine, appetizers, instruction and light meal included…

 The final menu for the evening:

  • Burnt Eggplant with Lemon & Pomegranate Seeds
  • Braised Eggs with Lamb Tahini & Sumac
  • Rice and Orzo
  • Mixed Bean Salad
  • Coconut Marmalade & Semolina Cake.

Recipe packet included. Cookbook is not included.

Class limit: 14-16

We will charge your card 12 hours in advance of the class time and date.

You may cancel your registration for a class up to one week in advance of the class starting time. One week is often enough time for us to fill the vacated slots or to contact people on our wait lists. If it is after the 1 week deadline, you should call us and see if we have enough people still on the wait list to fill your vacated slot, but there is no guarantee.

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Reviews of Chef Shop

(4 Reviews)
Diane S.
Sign up for a class with Karen. She is so funny and informative! I went to the Mediterranean cooking class last night, and it was so much fun. I learned so much more about good olive oil and salts. I didn't realize how much a basic ingredient can have such a big impact on a dish. Karen walks you through each dish with tips and tricks, and why she picks each ingredient she does. I also love everything for sale in the shop. I could easily spend my next pay check there. Cant wait for my next class!
Kate N.
Purchased a Groupon for a 2.5 hour cooking class for two. A girlfriend and I signed up for the "Cooking the Farmers Market" with Chef Pam and it was one of the BEST cooking classes we've EVER taken! I loved how they educated you about the ingredients, down to the oils and spices. We didn't get to "hands on" cook the items but I was so busy taking notes I didn't mind! The instructor (Pam) and the gal who runs the shop (Elise?) were excellent about explaining and educating! Would be thrilled to go to another cooking class here and am looking at their "in home" cooking class option! Chef Shop is so good about letting you taste things before you buy them. They have a full tasting bar where you can sample the oils and vinegars, and the knowledge that you'll walk out the door with is INVALUABLE! Amazing selection! Amazing selection!
Jessica L.
Had a great time at our first cooking demo class with Chef Pam. I must admit that I thought this would be more hands-on, but I did enjoy it nonetheless. Sometimes you gain just as much knowledge watching as you do doing. The shop itself was also surprisingly smaller than I expected, and I was also hoping they would sell knifes and other gadgets considering the name “chefshop”. Once again though, as I learned what their mission was for the business I gained even more appreciation for the goods that they were selling. The staff and the store owners are very nice and EXTREMELY knowledgeable about their products. Very very impressed. This store will be visited for many times to come!
Erin F.
Fantastic cooking classes! Checked out a Morroccan cooking class on a Wednesday night, after having bought it on living social. In preparation for the class, they serve wine and appetizers, and the staff sits around ready to lend a hand. Chef Erin led the class, and was really great. I learned a lot about a type of food that I have long been in love with, left with recipes (I tried the Bessara the next day, to rave reviews!) and a discount for the next class. I will absolutely be back, for the classes, for the incredible selection of gourmet products that they stock, or just to be in the presence of other foodies. Loved it!