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Pupusas Class:

A pupusa (from Pipil pupusawa) is a thick, hand-made corn biscuit-like flat bread (made using masa de maíz, a maize flour dough used in Latin American cuisine) that is stuffed with one or more of the following: cheese (queso) (usually a soft Salvadoran cheese called Quesillo), fried pork meat ground to a paste consistency (Salvadorian chicharrón, not to be confused with fried pork rind which is also known as chicharrón in some other countries), squash (ayote), refried beans (frijoles refritos), or queso con loroco (loroco is a vine flower bud from Central America). There is also the pupusa revuelta with mixed ingredients, such as queso (cheese), frijoles (beans), and chicharrón or bacon. Pupusas are similar to tortillas and especially to arepas. In fact, in El Salvador, normal tortillas are about the same diameter and thickness as pupusas, without the filling. Learn this delicious latin cuisine meal taught by our experienced Chef Camiel Chavez.

El Centro de la Raza (The Center for People of All Races) offers tamale making classes and is expanding class offerings! Learn how to cook our favorite dishes, share in our culture, and meet new people all at the same time! Class fees benefit our Senior Nutrition & Wellness Program. Each Class will be able to enjoy a delicious hand-made Pupusa class and be able to take a couple of pupusas home with you for dinner! A great cooking class that will give you bang for your dollar.

El Centro de la Raza

Have you always wanted to learn how to make delicious Latin Cuisine? Now is your chance to learn from our great group of Chefs with years of experience in making pozole, tamales, pupusas, seafood ceviche and much more. Class fee includes the recipe and delicious leftovers if class permits. Class fees go to support our Senior Nutrition & Wellness Program that provides balanced daily congregate meals, daily social and educational activities, exercise classes three times a week and delivered meals to homebound seniors each week.

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Class Fee: $75

  Jun 2, 2018 - Jun 2, 2018
  Dec 1, 2018 - Dec 1, 2018
Class Type: In Person
Inventory: 3 seats available
El Centro de la Raza
2524 16th Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98144

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Alejandro V.
Don't forget to come for their November 1st Dia de los muertos celebrations. A great place to meet cool Latinos. Bring your kids you will have an amazing time. Oh and they have free food!