Real Foods for Life Series

Real Foods for Life

You are what you eat — so don’t be CHEAP, FAST, or FAKE!

This series was designed specifically to teach students dealing with cardiac, diabetes and obesity issues how to plan, prepare and enjoy meals that are healthy and conform to national dietary standards. In reality, the series has wide applicability to anyone who simply wants to eat well and in a manner that supports personal and family health. Like any lifestyle change, the probability of adoption and maintenance of the new habit pattern over time is dependent upon how enjoyable and satisfying the new habit becomes. At Sizzleworks, we take tremendous pride in our ability to make meal planning and preparation not only understandable, but just as importantly fun. Key to planning and preparing delicious and healthy meals is to unleash the student’s creativity and ensure the final result of the student’s total planning and preparation effort goes beyond successful to become extraordinarily satisfying!

All classes are hands-on, including all materials and full meal during each session.


  • key concepts & knife skills
  • nutrition fundamentals
  • food safety
  • theory of flavor development


  • veggie pasta
  • rosemary shrimp salad
  • vinaigrettes
  • panna cotta
  • grab-n-go oatmeal
  • planovers


  • theories on obesity
  • menu planning
  • organization & cost control techniques
  • poaching methods
  • stir-fry techniques


  • edamame recipes
  • super food salad
  • salad bar in your fridge
  • velvet chicken
  • bowls
  • planovers


  • incorporating more fruits & vegetables into our diet
  • basic vegetable cooking techniques
  • roasting techniques
  • steaming techniques


  • stir-fried Cauliflower with Thai peanut sauce
  • cream soups
  • make ahead veggies
  • eggplant! 2 ways!
  • pecan pie bars
  • planovers


  • theory of lean proteins and grains
  • cooking methods for proteins & grains
  • brining theory
  • pan-roasting technique


  • kale chips
  • parsnip popcorn
  • cooking with whole grains
  • sear-roasted salmon / chicken
  • Tuscan beans
  • coconut sorbet


  • flavor & portion size
  • live life & maintain your eating strategy
  • maximizing flavor
  • sauté theory
  • pan sauces
  • plating


  • hummus & variations
  • green apple salad
  • seared ahi salad
  • cauliflower/fennel/parsnip uree
  • lentils
  • coconut chickpea curry
  • banana chocolate ice cream


  • graduation
  • celebration!

Class cancellations are accepted with full refund or credit transferred to another class up to one week prior to scheduled class. If a student cannot attend, they may send a substitute in their place. Cancellations made fewer than 7 days before the class date are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Sizzleworks Cooking School

Experience the sizzle with 425 Magazine’s Best Small Business and Best Group Activity. Sizzleworks can take your cooking to the next level, and beyond, if you choose. We offer single event/ single subject classes, children's programming, beginners classes, a full-scale 16-week techniques series, as well as private parties and team building events. Come and cook with us!

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Reviews of Sizzleworks Cooking School

(3 Reviews)
M W.
The whole team (Carol, Pam, Ed and Tara) is knowledgeable, engaged, and provide a stimulating curriculum and world-class atmosphere and experience. The recipes are fantastic and the kitchen store provides a wealth of gadgets for experienced and novice chefs alike. I have been to many cooking classes and the ones offered at sizzleworks have been by far the best.
Wendy T.
The teacher was lively and knowledgeable. She kept the kids in line and really made sure they understood what they were doing each step of the way. The kids got to eat each thing they made along the way so they got to taste the results of their efforts immediately. Very fun!
Kim .
We just finished a 16 week cooking series at Sizzleworks called the Cookwise Series and I am so SAD it’s over! Each week was a different topic with hands on cooking, new techniques and recipes. At the end of each class, we would sit with our fellow classmates, instructors and new friends and enjoy a glass of wine and the food that we had just prepared. It’s a wonderful experience that I would HIGHLY recommend to everyone and look forward to continuing my culinary cooking journey with new classes at Sizzleworks.