Tempering and Truffles

chocolates and truffles

Learn the science and logic behind the tempering process. We will assist as YOU temper chocolates from around the world. Invent your own ganache flavor combinations, learn techniques and take home recipes. Leave with your three dozen truffles!

All supplies are included.



Classes can be rescheduled with 24 hours notice. No refunds. Classes at Dawn's Candy & Cakes are almost never canceled if they are they are offered to reschedule for another class.

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Reviews of Dawn's Candy and Cake Supply

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Michael D.
Attended: Tempering and Truffles
A class at Dawn's is one for all the senses. Learning the theory and technique behind tempering chocolate to make truffles was fascinating. Giving oneself the freedom to explore and combine flavours with abandon was a little intimidating at first. But the results, the quality of the 36 chocolates you make is incredible, gift giving worthy, as good as any chocolate truffle I have ever had. It is a great way to spend some time with a family or friends.