Chocolate Master Class with Wine Pairing


Through the Seattle Wine School, Kinssies offers a wide variety of classes and seminars on wine and wine-related topics to both consumers and wine and food professionals. Learn about chocolate from the bean to the bar with Seattle chocolatier, Angi Pfleiderer of ChocolateSpiel.

We require a minimum 48 hour notice prior to the start of the class to cancel your reservation. If a cancellation is made after
48 hours, we'll charge your card for the full amount of the class. Thank you for your understanding.

Wine Outlet

Seattle Wine School was founded by Richard Kinssies, owner of Wine Outlet and Greenlake Wines & Tasting Room. Every Monday Richard offers a wide variety of classes and seminars on wine and wine related topics to both consumers and wine and food professionals. In addition to these classes, Kinssies has provided training to restaurants and members of the wholesale and retail wine trade and has been retained by the French government to instruct the wine trade on the wines of France.

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Reviews of Wine Outlet

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Joe B.
I love wine. I love a bargain. Thus, what isn't there to like about Wine Outlet? How often can you patronize a wine shop where a renowned wine writer, Richard Kinssies in this case, is there willing to spend as much time as you need to find the perfect wine? Richard scourers the earth looking for great values then gives his time away to educate and assist his clients. In addition to all this he has installed a sweet little wine bar, offers wine classes and has the occasional BBQ open house! Just as an FYI, you may have to track him down very soon with his opening of a new wine shop/bar in the Greenlake area in February.
Ashley B.
This place is great for the following reasons 1. It's chock-full of friendly people who actually know a LOT about wine. 2. You can walk in, admittedly know nothing about wine other than the fact you enjoy drinking it a lot and think you had a syrah once that was especially tasty (read: it was on the endcap for $7.99 last March at Trader Joe's. What was it called again? Huh.) 3. Said friendly, knowledgeable staff person will, whilst not judging you or turning up any noses at your complete fumbling lack of wine skills, send you home with a $9 bottle of something which would've cost $15 even at Trader Joe's that they're sure will be great with your (insert random dinner plan here)- and they'll be RIGHT. Mad skills, wine outlet. Mad skills. They also have a wine bar now where you can get some tasty snacks and try some fancy schmancy wines without paying super fancy prices- although I will admit it was kinda weird to also see some $7-10 glasses of wine on the menu when I know I can get the whole bottle for $11 like ten feet I guess I'd stick with the still-exorbitantly-priced-bottle selections at the wine bar to really feel like you're justified sitting there to drink it. Could just be I'm cheap though.