Re-Entry to Fitness


This 5 week series is designed for anyone who has become deconditioned – from injury, surgery, childbearing, pain management, sedentary lifestyle or any other reason. This series will reignite your passion and confidence in participating in an array of fitness activities and get you started in on your journey back into joy of movement and a true love for the way your body looks and feels.

Package includes:

-5 week series weekly classes (no make-ups)
-Private one on one 30 min consultation
-Weekly check in via e-mail or text
-One free group class pass to use at your discretion

This progressive series incorporates techniques from Yoga and Pilates designed to recondition your body, spirit, and mind and prepare you for moving into more robust fitness activities. The first week will be focused on developing familiarity and ease in your body; learning basics of strength building movement, the power of breathing, and cultivating presence and compassion with yourself. Over the next few weeks you will learn how to alter the breath and observe the mind, exploring ways to refresh and release energy into your movement. You will be guided to explore various exercises and tools to deepen understanding of your own truths about your health and fitness, determine an appropriate level of challenge for yourself, while enjoying physical benefits of increased activity.

This series is designed to accommodate all sizes and shapes. You will find the support you need to make step by step progress at your own pace without pressure, stress, or competition. Mostly you will get to have fun, while finding the freedom and flexibility that is available to you in your one precious body.


Advanced Holistic Health
1800 NE 44th ST, Suite 240,
Renton, WA 98056

Series classes may be cancelled 48 hours before scheduled to begin if minimum registration is not met.

Maya Whole Health Studio

Maya Whole Health Studio offers a full class schedule of yoga and Pilates, every day of the week, as well as fun and informative workshops. Our health services include a wide range of massage/bodywork, acupuncture, and oriental medicine options. All of our services are offered in a pleasant, comfortable, and upbeat environment. Whatever your level of fitness or experience with whole health practices, you are welcomed warmly at Maya.

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Reviews of Maya Whole Health Studio

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Yonita L.
Really enjoy the studio and services. Favorite class is Thurs night yin class. Suzanne is an excellent instructor, and teaches the best yin class I've ever experienced. Everyone is friendly, and helpful. Great job giving back to the community, and others. Highly recommend this studio.