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The first thing to know when looking into swimming lessons is “What does it mean to be able to swim?” Take a moment and get a mental picture of what you would like to be able to do in the water. Now ask yourself how would you FEEL while doing those activities if you were a swimmer. Your picture may have been of you doing laps in a fashion of Olympic swimmers, or it may have been you jumping off the back of a boat paddling around a bit then coming back in. Your visions may range from very athletic to easy-going bopping along. Either way, the FEEL of doing these activities likely involves words such as comfortable, easy, relaxed, fun and safe.

The second part (how the swimming feels) is what swimming actually is. At Orca Swim School we define swimming as being able to move in water from here to there with comfort and ease, getting air and rest when you want. There are many different physical ways to move in the water, but swimming has to do with the feeling of being at ease, safe, confident, comfortable and working with the water. If you have had swimming lessons that focused on making your body DO a picture of swimming, instead of teaching you the FEEL of swimming and safety, they got it backwards and, thus, it may not have worked. Instruction that starts with the doing will only work for people who are not afraid, who already have a feel of the water and know how it works, or who can figure out swimming on their own within the context of the “Doing” lessons. Learning to swim needs to start at the beginning. The beginning is feeling and being safe, having comfort and ease, learning by curiosity, understanding how water works, and how your body and water work together.

The Beginning Group Class is the first class in a series of classes that will get you free in the deep water. Each class meeting is 3-hours in length with 1-hour on land and 2-hours in the pool. During the talking portion of the class, there is a discussion about your swimming history, your swimming goals, and a review of the “home fun” readings. During the water portion of the class, students start at the beginning of how swimming is learned. You will skip no steps, have fun, and delight in your own accomplishments as well as your classmates’.

In the water portion of each class you will:

  • Go slow and understand each step in the process of learning how to swim
  • Have a chance to ask all of your own questions and get them answered
  • Take it slow and practice a wide variety of activities
  • Have fun

Students learn to keep themselves safe and comfortable in the pool, the steps of swimming, and the process of how learning to swim works. Classes meet in our private warm water facility in Seattle.


  • Fridays 6-9pm
  • Saturdays 9-12pm AND 3-6pm
  • Sundays 2:30-5:30pm

Please note the annual registration fee of $15 is included in the price of class.

Refund Policy For Adult Group Classes - Changes may be made 30 days prior to the start of class with no fee. Changes made up to 2 weeks prior to your class start date will have a $30 change fee. A 50% class fee will apply to changes made 7-14 days prior to the start of class. No refunds will be given for changes made within 7 days of the start of class *

Orca Swim School

Orca Swim School is committed to teaching adults how to become free and safe in the deep water. By teaching adults how to remain calm and free of panic we can show you the joy of being immersed in the deep water. If traditional lessons in the past have failed there is a reason, steps were missing and we fill in all the missing steps by getting you calm and comfortable before you even get into the water.

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Class Fee: $915

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