Couples Massage Workshop – Afternoon: Magnolia


Join us for an time of learning, touch and exploration. In this high tech, low touch world we all need to learn how to slow down and really appreciate our life partner or even our best friend. Let us show you how to give each other an exceptional massage as well as just be able to touch one another in a mutually enjoyable and affirming way.

We promise you that you will have a wonderful time and learn a number of skills and techniques that will keep you both happier and healthier as well as transform your relationship on many different levels or we will refund the tuition we received for your workshop. We believe in the workshop and the power of touch that much.

There will be up to five other couples in the workshop but you only work with your partner. When you are receiving your massage you will be professionally and modestly covered with a sheet and/or blanket. You can be fully clothed or dressed down to your comfort level under the sheet. We will teach you the same draping techniques that we use in professional therapeutic massage practice. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please email or call us so we can answer them.

It Doesn’t End With The Workshop!

You will also get lifetime access to our Exclusive Alumni Area that is full of resources that you can use to improve your massage and touch skills.

What You Will Need To Bring

  • Please wear very loose and comfortable clothing
  • A changing robe (for extra privacy if desired)
  • At least one bottled water for each of you (leave your coffee at home, it is time to relax)
  • If you have any skin allergies, you may bring your own lotion. Please do not bring any scented lotions or oils as these may disturb others.
  • Hair ties if you have long hair

Other Stuff….

Because of the limited size and exclusive nature of the workshop, there are no refunds for missing the workshop but we will gladly give you credit for a future workshop if you notify us by email 24 hours prior to the workshop you are scheduled to attend.

This workshop is for recreational purposes only. You will not receive any certificate, degree or license for completing it.

Touch, especially sustained and focused touch, is intimate by its nature as it is sensual. However, touch does not have to be sexual and for the purposes of this workshop we are focusing completely on intimate and sensual touch that is free from the expectations that sexual touch elicits, as healthy as they might be. As an aside, we believe that the complete non-sexual nature of this workshop will greatly benefit any couple’s sex life, but that is far beyond the scope of the workshop and its facilitators.

Magnolia Location: Touch Factor Massage, 3623 – 34th Ave. W., Seattle, WA


Power of Touch Workshops

Ultimately our goal at the Power of Touch Workshops is to help people, primarily couples, find new ways to draw closer together through the use of touch and communication. In this area you will find some interesting people and ideas to help you build a closer and more intimate relationship. Our 3-hour couples massage workshop is designed to introduce you to the power of touch in your life and give you all of the massage skills that you will need to keep your partner or friend in heavenly bliss for the rest of your lives.

More classes from Power of Touch Workshops

  • Class schedule to be determined soon - please enter your email if you wish to be contacted when the schedule is released.

Reviews of Power of Touch Workshops

(7 Reviews)
Jaya J.
There is no better way to learn than from someone who is not only an expert, but also passionate about what he is teaching. Joe Lavin is an excellent massage therapist, who cares deeply about what he does and about the people he works with. In addition, he is so easygoing and relaxed, there's no need to feel intimidated or nervous with him. Our workshop was on Valentine's night and it was just the perfect way to spend the evening. There was no pressure to chat or mingle (which was fine for me, naturally shy....) but everyone seemed friendly and nice. We had plenty of space to ourselves -- Joe provides it all, from tables and sheets to lotion, hot stones, etc. My husband and I both felt that we received a great massage and I felt like I learned a lot. Thanks Joe!
Sylvia S.
This class is low key and fun. The owners were very professional and managed to teach 6 couples simultaneously how to massage each other. I was not sure what to expect when we first walked in, but by the end we didn't want to leave because we were having so much fun! We are still using the techniques we learned and would like to go to another class when they offer one.
Priscilla D.
Okay! It has been about 3 months since we had the workshop and we have moved across the country and I kinda wish my now fiancee and I could get a refresher course and learn some more moves. We bought a massage table off of craigslist and a huge container of massage oil so we are taking Joe and Wendy's advice and practicing and experimenting with different techniques as well as practicing the ones they taught us.
Patty S.
Fantastic workshop! I got this as a Christmas gift for my husband and we both loved it. They did a nice job of demonstrating techniques and giving individual attention if you needed it or had questions. Three hours sounds like a long time but it goes very fast. I definitely recommend this.
Akili P.
I have to admit that I was a bit of a reluctant participant here. My girl bought the tickets and said that we "really needed this". So I was not sure what I was getting into. was great! The workshop was really professional and we did not even have to take our clothes off (my girlfriend's only fear before getting there:-) The massage school where the workshop is held is very spacious and well appointed. There were tables, sheets and lotions provided. They gave us lots of literature for use at home and we have gotten some great follow up emails with even more massage techniques. I wish it would have been my idea. We are giving some of our friends gift certificates for their anniversary. Bottom line: Very, very cool!
Joan P.
This was the best "Date Night" that my husband and I have enjoyed in years! We both enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere, gained confidence in our massage skills, received individual instruction for "problem areas", and recieved a great massage too! We intend to take advantage of his other classes and even buy a massage table. This class is a fantastic gift idea for Valentine's Day or Anniversary! Joe and his staff are professional and the nicest folks you will ever meet. You will be friends by the end of class. This is a GREAT investment in every way! Do it!
Noah C.
I'm not sure why there aren't hundreds of reviews for RCFC! - they really are wonderful. I have been to classes as an adult taught by Steve and Barbara, and Greg has helped me with equipment several times. They are extremely nice, patient, and VERY knowledgeable, you can tell how good they are by how much the kids like them:) The average 8 year old RCFC athlete can crush me to dust - and I have at least two feet on them - so they know what they're doing teaching "Physical Chess". I intend to enroll my 7 year old in a camp, and/or get him in a class asap.