Summer Rock Band Camp: Lake City (Ages 10-17)

Kids Rock Music

For instrumentalists & vocalists ages 10-17

Seattle Drum School Rock Band Camp is an amazing experience for young musicians of any skill level! It’s their chance to unlock their creative potential, acquire rehearsal skills, and learn cooperation and teamwork. The band members will work with a full time coach who will encourage them to build their own sound and even to compose their own songs if they’re interested!

The final performance is not to be missed by family, friends, neighbors, anyone who loves to see the unbelievable results of five days of collaboration and magic.

Seattle Drum School Drum Camp is a great opportunity for drummers ages 10-17 to get together in a group and strengthen their skills, meet other drummers, and learn from the best! A fun and exciting environment for students to learn techniques and rhythms from all over the world.

Georgetown Bands will perform at 2pm, Friday, in the Slab at Georgetown.
Lake City bands will perform at 2pm, Friday, in the outdoor lot – weather permitting (performances will be held in the lobby if weather does not permit)

Limited enrollment – maximum of two 6-person bands per week. Maximum two drummers per band. First to book are the first to be served.


Tuition for private lessons and monthly classes must be paid in advance and is due on or before the first lesson of each month. Missed or cancelled lessons/classes are non-refundable.

Seattle Drum School of Music

Founded in 1986, Seattle Drum School has evolved into a music institution offering: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Voice, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet, Recording, Rock Bands, Summer Music Camps, DJ, and Drum Lessons (duh). Our staff is composed of some of the most distinguished musician ins the area. SDS has forty + teachers available for instruction, each with an extensive musical background ranging from specialized to comprehensive styles.

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Reviews of Seattle Drum School of Music

(3 Reviews)
Sally S.
Aaaaaah The Seattle Drum School! We LOVE it!! Our kids (teenagers) take drum, voice, and guitar lessons at Seattle Drum School. It is the highlight of their week! How great to have individualized, challenging, positive lessons each week. The kids walk out of their weekly lessons humming, feeling energized and excited about life and music. Our kid's school orchestra has a set program, with no student imput, but students at the Drum School really can go any direction. When our son did guitar at ages 8 and 9, the teacher just followed our little guy's interest and they went from blues to Beatles to fingerpicking to strumming their guts out. All this with emphasis on correct technique, of course! This is a family-run business and that makes it even better. Everyone welcomes us, and the positive vibes are contagious. When we decided we wanted to do lessons, we called the school, told them about our kids, and asked about what teachers would work best with the interests/personalities of our kids. Well, the phone match-maker did a great job because our kids really like their teachers and want to work hard and impress them. So important in the teen years to have great adults around for growth and encouragement. Thank you Seattle Drum School!
Nathan K.
Agreed that the Seattle Drum School is THE most welcoming businesses in Seattle! Began as a student with absolutely no rythm, to a giging drummer playing shows all the time. Teachers here are professional with their own unique styles. Their recording studio at the L.A.B. (Little Auditorium in the Back) is very affordable and better yet, quality production from people who care. Pick an instrument, cause they have a teacher for you!
Jon S.
Seattle Drum School means family... We have had our two kids (boy - guitar, girl - bass) take lessons and do the summer camps at their North Seattle location and they are absolutely fabulous. Their instructors are able to teach from beginner to semi-pro level and have taken our kids through it all. They can teach all instruments (or at least all that they have been interested in) and types of music from rock, punk, jazz and world. But the school is more than just teaching to music, they teach to the artistry, professionalism and creation of music. All of the instructors are awesome (they have a who's who list) and huge shout outs go to Ari Joshua, Ben Rudd, Mike Stone and Byron Vannoy that we have personally worked with (but again, they are all good) and to Nemanja and Sonja (the glue that binds!). And there isn't enough to be said for the heart and soul that Steve and Kristy Smith put into their own teaching and the running of the Seattle Drum School. Your kids become their kids AND nobody takes better care of their kids than Steve and Kristy. Thank you two for all that you do for the community and thanks for the great teaching you provide for our is appreciated!