Emotion Literacy Enrichment Program

Emotion Literacy

Emotion Literacy Advocates’ course provides thought-provoking experiences that build potent communication skills. It’s a program of reading and listening, writing, discussion, and discovery.

Simple, direct and fun exercises guide you to a deeper understanding of how and why your words fight, defend, separate, open, receive and connect. Laugh, imagine and share your way to useful tools for building the life you love.

We will gather once a week to discuss your pre-class engagement with course materials—delivered online with original literary, theatrical and musical audio segments and questions as prompts for reflective writing. (Internet required)

Play with new ways of thinking—connected to feelings, needs, emotion, expression, and perception—through your own use of everyday language.

In our shared exploration, we will expand communication competencies within and with each other.

“The value of ELA is in its broad arrangement of opportunities for contemplation on how we as individuals experience and interpret the world, and in turn, how we each bring these experiences to life through our language.”


—Dani Hochleutner, MS, LPC, Business Analyst Consultant


full refund 7 days before first class...if the participant has scheduling conflicts, the class provider offers a one-on-one phone consultation for up to three missed classes.

Emotion Literacy Advocates

Emotion Literacy Advocates (ELA) is a Seattle-based, for-benefit organization offering original, multi-media learning tools, presentations and performances on behalf of emotion literacy education. The full-meal deal at ELA for lifelong learners and professionals is “My Alphabet to Freedom: Liberating the Language of Choice + Connection”—an online, experiential immersion in our arts-based communication competency curriculum for personal development (Level I) and professional preparation for certification (Level II).

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