Parenting the Love and Logic Way®


Registration fee covers one person + a parenting partner (anyone who participates in the care of the same child(ren).

Using the Love and Logic® curriculum, Parenting the Love and Logic® Way, we give you techniques, exercises, and tips for parenting of kids of all ages — infants through teens. This six session multi-media course teaches information for parenting of all aged kids.

Learn these great techniques:

  • Staying calm when faced with frustrating or infuriating behaviors
  • How to neutralize arguing and backtalk
  • Getting kids to listen the first time
  • Guidelines for developing effective logical consequences
  • How to setting enforceable limits without losing their love
  • How to get chores done without nagging, reminding, warning, or bribing
  • How to create a logical consequence when no natural one exists
  • Ways to allow kids to take ownership of solving their problems
  • …And much more!

Appropriate for parents, teachers and caregivers of any age children. Full course outline available here.

SweetiePie Parenting

Parenting doesn't have to be filled with stress and struggle. With some fun techniques, you can up the odds of having a happy family, great relationships with your kids, a lot more fun and a lot less stress! All parents love their kids and work hard at parenting. You may have very little, (or no) support or mentoring. You try to improve your skills by consulting "professional" books and articles, or friends who have the same problems and questions. Often the information you get is contradictory, complicated or confusing. Join me as we explore the world of parenting and help you bring about positive changes with children of all ages.

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Reviews of SweetiePie Parenting

(2 Reviews)
Heather .
Lorri made a great impression with our Baby Peppers group. She was responsive, engaging, informative and interesting. She was able to demystify the challenging topic of toddler discipline, and our parents left far more confident approaching this topic than before. Thanks Lorri!
Santos .
Love and Logic strategies often feel un-natural. Our first reaction is to comfort and console our children when they are in distress. But Love and Logic and Lorri have helped us differentiate between their wants and needs. With this knowledge and greater confidence in our parenting skills we've been able to incorporate L&L into our everyday lives. Our children are happier and more confident in their own abilities because of it.