Self-Defense for Girls in High School (Grades 10-12) Kirkland


Teen girls are looking to increase their independence. Increasingly, they will need to take care of themselves while exploring and engaging in rich, fulfilling lives. They are our more with friends, teams, bands. They (or their friends) are driving. They may be dating. They may have part-time jobs and a new social environment that goes with employment. They are exploring the world, mostly without direct adult supervision. On top of that, you may be concerned about social pressure and a cultural environment that romanticizes unhealthy relationship behavior and tends to denigrate girls’ abilities and sense of self.

They could use some skills to help augment the experience they are acquiring.

In this class, your emerging young adult will learn to recognize “red flags” that someone may mean harm, plan safe exits from iffy situation, practice physical moves (just in case), and learn to find supportive self-care.

Your teen girl will get honest, accurate answers in a safe space. In 3 hours, she will learn:

  • How she can protect herself when dates get scary
  • Red flags that she needs to call home NOW
  • Surprise moves to get free if grabbed from behind
  • How stay safe and still have fun at parties, athletic events and class activities

Cancellation up to 2 days before class: full refund.
Cancellation after that but before class begins: partial refund.
Cancellation after class: no refund, but can apply tuition to a later class.

Strategic Living

Life is to be enjoyed. At the same time, we want to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Life-long skills for confidence, safety and independence help you achieve both. There's really only one reason to learn self-defense: to enhance your quality of life. To emPOWER you to make safety choices with confidence. To promote resilience and independence. In these self-defense classes you learn to use your voice to say NO and STOP to people and events that threaten to diminish your quality of life.

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Reviews of Strategic Living

(3 Reviews)
Lindsay P.
This class was fantastic: superbly practical, forceful without inducing unnecessary fear, the right balance of physical and psychological tools. I dragged myself there because I felt like I "should" do a self-defense class, and it was actually really fun, too. Joanne's storytelling made the techniques memorable and relate-able. After just one 5-hour workshop, I feel I'm very well-equipped to prevent an attack and to handle an attack should it come to that. Best money I've spent in a long time
Christine C.
Violence against women is a scary reality, but Joanne's self-defense class gave me a little more confidence that I will be able to protect myself (and, more importantly, that I can listen to my intuition and not go into dangerous situations in the first place). This class is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and it would make a great gift for female friends, sisters, daughters, etc.
Marie G.
When I landed on the Strategic Living website, I was impressed by the variety of options & the flexibility offered. After I made the decision to join with my kids, my girlfriends also jumped in. Joanne offered us a private 3 hour session for the ten of us. Our ages ranged from 14 to 50+. I was very impressed with the style of the class, the topics covered & how well Joanne discussed topics relevant to our collective experiences. It was a great course for all of us & now I can rest easier knowing my kids & friends are capable of protecting/defending themselves. Highly recommend!! Should be a requirement for all women!