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If you’re someone who loves to dance like no one is watching, are a budding dance professional yourself, or if you need more enjoyable ways to increase your fitness and wellness, we have you covered! There’s plenty of reason to kick up your heels – date night, wedding planning, fitness, and a creative outlet are all great reasons to dance – but who needs a reason? From ballroom finesse to swing and tango and all the latest dance crazes, we’ll keep you dancing the nights away! Dance classes are also excellent ways to meet new kindred spirits – there is usually no partner necessary and you can learn dance basics within an hour. In addition to classes, many of our providers also offer dance parties for practice after each lesson – a great way to spend an evening away from the TV!

Ballroom Dance

From individual instruction to dance parties, we offer all types of ballroom dancing styles. While you might not have heard of WCS Blues, Micro Blues, Tango-Milonga, Tango-Vals, or NC 2 step, you know that Latin, West and East Coast Swing, Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, Quickstep, Hustle, Bolero, Blues, and Foxtrot have been practiced for decades. Ballroom dancing becomes a lifestyle full of fun and camaraderie once you master the basics. It’s incredible bonding for couples, friends, and family members. Even the younger ones can get involved with beginner classes and group classes. Our certified dance instructors are world-class dancers themselves and who doesn’t benefit from working with masters? You’ll learn new steps, turns, and dancing sequences to build a strong dance foundation in a short time.

Dance parties begin with a group class and continue to festive levels with ballroom, latin, and swing music. There are some amazing communities in some of our venues, as well, so you can keep going back week after week. You’ll soon find that the joyful communities you are invited to participate in foster fun, togetherness, and personal growth. You don’t need a partner – the first hour of the dance parties is a pre-dance lesson in a variety of styles. There’s something fun for you to do each and every weekend, and what a great way to meet kindred spirits who enjoy the arts.

Soon you will discover that the only steps you need to keep track of are those you take on the dance floor! Dancing works out all parts of your body and keeps you strong, nimble and agile. Who doesn’t want a dancer’s body?! And how great you will look in ballroom’s wonderful costumes!


Burlesque is a unique and feminist American performance art form championed by women, and in doing so, offers opportunities for women’s self-expression in non-traditional environments. We offer classes in burlesque, dance, and fitness, all with a focus on confidence and enjoyment of moving your body and having fun!

Burlesque is not for the shy at heart, but it will get you in touch with and loving your body. You can learn the basics of becoming a sensual, agent provocateur of your own creation with classes on the classic tease, bump and grind, classy stripping, and tassel twirling. We even offer evening summer camps for adults who are interested in learning the art of burlesque dancing. If a work-out is what you’re looking for, then Zumba and fitness-inspired burlesque classes will have you grinding, shimmying, and shaking your way to fitness. The party atmosphere and dance rhythms will have you returning time and again to get your sexy sweat on

Contemporary Dance and Modern Dance

From Bollywood to Modern and Zouk, we offer the full range of dance classes to fit any cultural persuasion. Our instructors are world-class instructors with experience in India, Latin America, Russia, and Europe. Adults, teens, and kids can learn to freely express themselves through contemporary dance forms while also keeping themselves happy and fit. Everyone can become an excellent dancer if they just take the time to learn. Challenge the idea that you have two left feet and no rhythm!

Dance Fitness (cross-referenced from Health/Sports)

If you’re looking for ways to add more variety and fun to your health, wellness, and fitness routines, consider taking dance fitness classes with us! We offer Zumba, MixxedFit, Bollywood, Jazzercise, Belly Dancing, and other fitness-oriented dance forms. MixxedFit® is a people-inspired dance fitness program best described as a mix of explosive dancing and boot camp toning. Bollywood is an Indian dance style inspired by Bollywood epics and Jazzercise is a modern take on the 1980s classic form. Our Zumba classes cover classic Zumba as well as modern variations.

International Dance

Dig into the international dance scene with cultural styles like Bachata, Salsa, Brazilian Roots, Scandinavian Folk Dancing, and African Dance. And of course we offer Tango, Samba, Bolero, Cha Cha, Merengue, Waltz, and Bollywood Dancing, too! Many of them are dance parties where you can arrive with no partner and within an hour find yourself twirling away. Whether you prefer to lead or to follow, foundational classes will take your dancing skills to the next level. Once you have the basics covered, continue soaring with intermediate and advanced classes.

Salsa Dance

Salsa is a life-changing experience for many and who can’t use more passion and fun in their lives? Salsa is also easy to learn: just a few basic steps and it only takes an hour to get started. But it doesn’t end there – you can keep improving your game with expert moves and twirls, as well. And who doesn’t love a salsa party? There’s nothing like hot Latin moves to get your passion erupting, which can have such an amazing effect on the rest of your life. Are you someone who struggles to meet new people? The Salsa community is so fun and inclusive – just show up, learn a few steps, and you are off and running. No partner needed!


There has never been a more romantic dance form than the Argentine Tango. We offer classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced ballroom students as well as Friday night dance parties. Our instructors have decades of experience in ballroom and Latin dance and have danced competitively all over the world at events like the Argentine Tango Festival.

We also offer Tango-Nuevo classes for those of you who are keeping up with the latest Latin dance trends. What is Tango-Nuevo? “Nuevo” means “New” in Spanish. As tango music evolved, the creation of the tango-nuevo style followed. Astor Piazolla was at the forefront of this development when he incorporated elements of jazz and classical music into traditional Argentine Tango music. He revolutionized traditional tango music into a new style called “nuevo-tango”.


As a dance form, the Waltz has been alive and well for centuries and stands out as quite possibly the most elegant of all dance forms. If you have dreamed of gliding and sliding across a dance floor, our Viennese and International Waltz offerings should stir your inner dancer to new heights. We train new dancers in foundational techniques like cross-step, slide glide, and other practical techniques. No partner is necessary for most of our classes – you can surprise everyone with your dance prowess at the next wedding, party, or other social event you attend.

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