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Have you ever wondered, “WHAT IS BOLLYWOOD DANCE?”

Wonder no more! In Geeta’s four week series, you will learn the basics of Bollywood, including the historical background of Bollywood, Indian classical and folk hand gestures, along with foot work, the translation of our chosen song, original choreography, and much, much more! Bring your friends and get ready to learn all you need to know to be a hit on the dance floor!

Feel free to jazz up your look with bindis, bangles, etc. No street shoes. Barefoot is best!

Please cancel reservations with 24 hr notice without charge.

Salsa N' Seattle Dance

At Salsa N' Seattle our mission is to provide the best ‘total body’ wellness experiences to our customers and inspire them to realize all the great benefits of dance and fitness, including improved flexibility, balance, and posture, reduced stress and depression, weight loss, increased energy, as well as long lasting friendships and a sense of community. We offer both kids and adult programs with classes varying from Salsa, Bachata, Hip hop, Bollywood, Zumba, UJam, and more!

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