Salsa III Session D (Technique for Hand Tosses)


Congratulations! You’ve completed the Salsa level II series and are now ready to take your dancing to the next level! Our level III curriculum is designed to help move your dancing forward and include more complex turn patterns and footwork. Each 4 week session is focused on a different concept, technique, and type of movement, so you’ll never get bored dancing! There’s no need to take the sessions in order.

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Salsa N' Seattle Dance

At Salsa N' Seattle our mission is to provide the best ‘total body’ wellness experiences to our customers and inspire them to realize all the great benefits of dance and fitness, including improved flexibility, balance, and posture, reduced stress and depression, weight loss, increased energy, as well as long lasting friendships and a sense of community. We offer both kids and adult programs with classes varying from Salsa, Bachata, Hip hop, Bollywood, Zumba, UJam, and more!

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