Absolute Beginner Argentine Tango – Level 1


Absolute Beginner Argentine Tango 8-Week Series Level 1, gives students a good understanding of the Argentine Tango Dance. From the first class, our students will start to develop the correct understanding of fundamental tango elements: connection, embrace, and tango walk.


1. Learning and practicing “La Caminata” (the tango walk) and the rock step in parallel system. Focus on change of weight, posture, and connection.

2. Learning and practicing the turns and “la caminata” in parallel system. Focus on body mechanics and connection.

3. Learning “La Salida Cruzada” (walking into the cross) in parallel system. Focus on the correct connection and technique.

4. Practicing la Salida Cruzada with the resolution in a front ocho. Focus on the technique of the front ocho.

5. Learning and practicing “Ocho Cortado” in parallel system. Focus on the correct connection and technique. Developing presence between the dance partners, as well as focusing on lady’s footwork.

6. Learning “the back ocho”, and practicing la caminata with the back ocho. Focus on the body mechanics and technique of “the back ocho”.

7. Changing systems (parallel to cross and) in close embrace, and creating dance sequences out of known dance elements.

8. Repeating all material and fundamentals of the course.

Practice session “Practica” takes place every Tuesday at 8:30pm-10:30pm

Any class missed by the student throughout the series is not credited back and considered to be used

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