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Come experience the sensual, exotic world of authentic Argentine Tango dancing. Once you try it, you”ll see why this dance is gaining popularity throughout the world. You”ll learn to dance this unique, special dance in a fun, easy environment. You don’t need experience, just desire. Learn to dance tango and get the scoop on where to Tango in Seattle.

Location: University Heights Center Room 109 – 5031 Univ. Way NE, Seattle, WA

Michelle Badion Dance

Michelle loves to dance, perform and most of all to teach. She has a way of making dancing accessable and fun for everyone. Michelle specializes in Argentine Tango, Salsa and West Coast Swing, but also enjoys teaching Waltz, Country, East Coast Swing, Bachata, Cha Cha, Cumbia and Blues. She offers: Group Dance Lessons Private Classes Wedding Preperation Lessons Choreography Performances in Argentine Tango, Salsa, and Swing Show and Cabaret Production

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Reviews of Michelle Badion Dance

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Robyn H.
Learning to Tango and swinging to Salsa are some of the best ways to get exercise and love doing it. Michelle helps make fumble-footed folks into graceful dancers and does it with humor and high energy. She has classes going on in several different places and at affordable prices. If the idea ever crossed your mind to try a bit of dancing, then Michelle will make it a painless and enjoyable process.
Richard B.
Michelle is without a doubt the most versatile and talented partner dance instructor in the Seattle area. She teaches Argentine tango, West Coast Swing, Salsa, and several other dance forms with unrivaled clarity and joy. I have been taking private lessons and group classes with Michelle for about 18 months, and having taken both private and group lessons from other teachers, it is obvious that Michelle understands both how to teach as well as how to dance.
Judy R.
Michelle is pure magic. She is much of the reason I've kept up dancing for the past several years. While other instructors are, well, serious and stuffy, Michelle is super fun with lots of energy. She is highly trained, but doesn't act like she knows more than anyone in the state (although she probably does). She makes you feel comfortable, which is so important when you are starting to learn to dance. It's a scary thing, putting yourself out there, afraid to step on your partner, or to look like a fool. Learning to dance with Michelle completely destroys any of these negative thoughts, and quite the feel like a prince(ss). Oh, and her laugh is infectious. I guarantee that you will look forward to class every week and want to hit the Seattle dance venues for practice.