Intro to Final Cut Pro X


Final Cut Pro is a versatile non-linear digital editing app for those wishing to edit their own projects. Its interface and ease of use allows filmmakers get up and running, in very little time, to produce polished and well-told stories. Its power lets you edit 4k footage with ease unlike other editing platforms. Its flexibility allows you to manipulate your footage how you want and it’s not dictated by legacy interfaces found in other apps. While streamlined on the surface, the app has many powerful tools that reveal themselves as needed, such as a state of the art multicam tool, and ability to work with multichannel audio in a clean and efficient way.

It’s been said that editing is a skilled art; every decision to put one clip after another is a story decision as well as determined by the style of the editor. In this class, students will learn the software from the ground up, while getting experience editing a montage and narrative project. They will learn how to import footage and make a plan to organize it; the will learn basic editing techniques for picture and sound, polishing the project with transitions text and color, and exporting to one of the many formats available. Prior experience in non-linear editing is not required, but basic computer skills are necessary.

Limited to 6 students

Class Cancellation Policy
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100% refund if we receive your cancellation notice 8 calendar days before of the first day of class.

50% refund if we receive your cancellation notice 4 calendar days before the first day of class.

Classes must meet the minimum enrollment requirement for class to launch. Students will be notified in advance if there is limited enrollment for a class.

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Reviews of Northwest Film Forum

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Neil W.
I needed a Final Cut Pro 7 class for work. There were a lot of FCPX classes in the area and a few 7 classes, but most would require travel and were very expensive. NWFF offered the a quick 2 day class for a reasonable price. They were easy to work with and there online directory was simple to use. I signed up and come to find out I was the only one in the class. They still held the class and from what I gathered, they did it because it was the right thing to do, it was not about the money. The class was great. They have a well equipped computer lab with good visual aids. My instructor was easy to work with. He was able to really explain the programs abilities without going way over my head. He was also able to show how really setting up the shot and getting plenty of footage would help me in the lab. NWFF is a great location and they do a great job supporting the local and emerging film industry. They offer a lot of classes for the professional to the weekend film warrior.
Katy H.
Simply amazing. From classes to eccentric and artsy films, you can get so much done here at the NWFF! I'm also amazed at how large the space is. Tucked away on 12th avenue you'd think it wasn't a large venue but it really is. Everyone I've encountered here as been really friendly and it's great to see so much passion for the arts. Man I love Seattle!